Naga’s Tertiary Scholarship Program (NTSP)

SY 2011-2012


Only poor but deserving students enrolled or enrolling in any college or technical vocational courses are eligible for admission to the scholarship program. The applicant must be:

1. A Filipino citizen and resident of the City of Naga;
2. With good moral character and without any derogatory record;
3. Not more than twenty five (25) years old at the time of filing of application;
4. A high school graduate with 75% percentile rank or above in the National Secondary Achievement Test (NSAT) or at least 80% average with no failing grade in any subject or has not yet completed a tertiary course, except for vocational scholars;
5. With weighted average of at least 2.5 or 80% in the last semester in college, if attended any;
6. Has passed the entrance examination, if required, of the school where he or she intends to enroll on;
7. With parents/guardians having a gross annual income of not more than Php180,000.00; and
8. Not presently enjoying any scholarship or study grant.



The applicant must fill up the prescribed Application Form and must submit the following documents, to wit:

1. Filled-up Application Form (with 1 ½ x 2 inches photo or passport size photo w/ name tag and remember that computer or machine generated photo will not be accepted);
2. Latest BIR Income Tax Return (ITR) of applicant’s parents/guardians;
3. An affidavit of applicant’s parents/guardians stating the reason for not filing the Income Tax Return (ITR), if the above second requirement is not applicable;
4. High School Report Card (Form 138) for incoming freshmen;
5. National College Assessment Examination (NCAE) result;
6. Official enrollment certificate and statement of accounts for those with college units;
7. Official report of ratings or certificates of grades for the last semester attended issued by the school registrar/dean, with an average of not lower than 2.5 or 80% for those with college units; and
8. Barangay Certification that the applicant is a resident of the barangay and that he/she is of good moral character and without any derogatory record.


  • All documents which are xerox copied (photo copied) should be properly authenticated. ESSO will conduct client investigation (CI) to further verify the correctness of the received Application Forms.
  • Approval of this scholarship application is subject to the ranking of applicants, slots available, and the appropriation for the purpose.
  • Section 4. For those applying for vocational courses, the City Government will try to accommodate all applicants in the program.
  • Section 18. Each barangay shall allocate and spend the sum equivalent to not less than 25% or ¼ of the SK Fund for the implementation of Barangay Tertiary Scholarship Program.
  • Section 4. Should the fund allocation be insufficient to accommodate all applicants in a given period, priority shall be given to those who obtained higher rating in the examination given and administered under the program. Provided, that utmost priority and consideration is given to applicants of families belonging to the city’s Sanggawadan Program and the national government’s 4Ps.
  • Section 4. Only one (1) member in the family shall be granted scholarship at any given semester or school year. The grantee shall enroll only in the CHED or TESDA accredited school or institute of learning w/in the city or in a state college or university outside it, save for those already enjoying grants under the current set-up. Provided further, that the grantee has submitted his NCAE result and passed the written examination and personal interview that is conducted under the program.
  • Section 5. A scholar who obtains an average rating of at least 2.0 or 85% shall be given scholarship assistance of up to the maximum amount provided. He who obtains an average rating of at least 2.5 or 80% shall be given financial assistance of up to fifty percent (50%) of the maximum amount. However, the above grade requirements shall not be obliged of a grantee enrolled or enrolling in technical vocational courses. It is enough that he passes his subjects.
  • The applicant should not be more than twenty five (25) years old at the time of the filing of application.
  • Section 7. The maximum amount that may be granted under this program shall be P18,000.00 per semester to cover school fees w/c shall be payable directly to the school where the scholar is enrolled. Provided, that the additional sum of up to P5,000.00 per semester may be granted to a scholar who belongs to the poorest of the poor. Discretion is given to the City Mayor whether or not current scholars are immediately placed under the new set up. For incoming scholars, they shall be instantly covered thereof.
  • Section 7. The City Government of Naga shall prioritize and/or assist the graduate scholars in obtaining gainful employment either in the City Government itself or in any agency or entity, whether public or private. In this regard, the Metro PESO is hereby directed to undertake measures to ensure that this particular provision is carried out.
  • Section 8. CONTRACT SIGNING – Scholarship Agreement shall be executed by and between the city and the grantee with the latter, if still a minor, being assisted by his parents or guardian, indicating therein the terms and conditions of the program, requirement for scholarship maintenance, the undertaking to comply with the obligations set forth in Section 10 and such provisions necessary and in furtherance of the objectives of the program.
  • Section 10. REPAYMENT – Payment shall be required only of all college grantees who obtained gainful employment or source of livelihood. Exempted therefrom is a grantee who is the family’s breadwinner and is extending substantial educational assistance to his siblings. Payments shall start not later than two (2) years after obtaining gainful employment or source of livelihood. Provided, that such payment shall be made in five (5) years on staggered and proportionate basis.