About Education

Naga City is aptly called the Heart of the Bicol Region. It is rightfully so as all roads lead to one as Bicolanos from the region’s six cities and seven provinces flock in the city to pursue their studies and experience education at its finest.

Naga City is home to a myriad of public and private schools.  It nurtures the city’s budding potentials by having a huge number of preparatory schools. Private schools abound and provide preschool classes for ages 2-1/2 to 5 years old. The City Government with its thrust to ensure quality education, operates 90 Montessori type Educare centers in 27 barangays making education available even to the most deprived groups.  As for the basic education, the Department of Education has to its care, 29 elementary and 8 secondary schools with nationally funded teachers taking the lead in providing quality education and a great number of locally funded teachers generously provided by the local government. There are also 22 elementary and 13 secondary schools for those who can afford to send their children to private institutions.

While the city is fortunate to have a huge number of schools working together to ensure easy access to education, it also takes pride of its tertiary level providing top notch education. The city is home to one state college and nine private colleges and universities which are operated by both sectarian and non-sectarian groups. These private institutions have to their credit the yearly strings of accreditations, awardees and top board passers joining the ranks of illustrious universities in the country. Academic excellence is only one trademark of Naga City private school graduates, but adding to the unique and distinct quality of their formation is the education offered by the religious orders such as the Society of Jesus, Daughters of Charity, the Salesians and more. The city has long been nurtured by religious groups and it is good to note that one of the oldest normal schools in the country is actually established right at the very soil of Naga City.

Naga City has something in store for everyone. It is not only well-known for producing best graduates of four-year courses but nowadays, it is also fast becoming known for its excellent skill-inclined produce. The city to this day has six technical vocational schools offering different courses from the traditional electronics to the latest 2D animation and computer technology. Graduates of these courses are gainfully employed in the premier companies of the country while a large portion are enjoying great opportunities overseas.

Public and private schools are no doubt the very fiber of the city but there is still one best kept secret that makes Naga City soar high in education … the school board. The Naga City School Board (NCSB) was created under the Local Government Code to assist the education system from the 1% income generated from real property taxes. Sectors are well represented through its eight board members as mandated by law and expanded number of members which includes representative from two private school principals, president of the Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry and chairman of the Naga City Peoples Council.

With P50M yearly budget, the NCSB provide locally funded teachers, teacher enhancement programs, student development projects, classrooms, IT equipment, additional books and learning resources, as well as special projects like feeding, alternative learning, summer enrichment programs and more.

Education is truly at its best in Naga City. Aside from the best learning institutions and well thought-of plans of the local school board, the city is also a sanctuary of information and cultural heritage. The city maintains its Raul S. Roco Library which houses an extensive collection of books as well as computers for free Internet access.  It also takes pride of its Bicol Science and Technology Centrum which is one of the very few functional centrums existing in the country. Historical legacy are never left behind. Through the well established museums of the Holy Rosary Minor Seminary and the University of Nueva Caceres, Bicol culture and traditions are kept alive in the consciousness of the Bicolanos.

Naga City is truly a one-stop destination. When in Naga, it is inevitable not to experience how initiatives converge in making education a universal aspiration.

Naga City is truly a place where dreams are made and where dreams are being pursued. Be part of its legacy and take part in giving pride to our country. Study and learn from the best in Naga City.