Getting Around

Want to explore Naga? Download our tourist map (PDF format, 2.21 mb, requires Adobe Reader):

Naga City Tourist Map

It is very easy to navigate around small yet beautiful Naga City with its accessible and affordable transport services.  Its ‘padyaks’, ‘tricyles’, calesas, taxis, buses, vans and, the pride of the Philippine roads, the jeepney can take you anywhere without hurting your budget.

The ‘padyak’ or ‘pedicab’ is a bicycle with a sidecar which can be hired for only Php5.00 maximum fare.  It is good for short-distance travels when you are not in a hurry.  It is light and allows you to scrutinize the quaint village streets all over Naga.

The ‘calesa’ is a horse-drawn carriage which can be hailed for as low as Php5.00 per passenger.  It travels from the City’s ‘Centro’ to the streets of barangays Abella, Sta. Cruz and, even, to other places outside Naga like the municipality of Camaligan upon special request and additional payment.

The ‘tricyle’ is a motorcycle with a sidecar for short and long distance travel that can be hired for as low as Php8.00 for regular passengers.  They are color-coded according to their routes but, can go around other places outside their regular fare for special trips.

The “jeepney”, dubbed as ‘The King of the Road of the Philippines’, is abundant all over the city.  It can be hired at Php8.00 for each passenger.  It is used for long distance travel and they go around the city in their registered routes.

Taxis here in Naga are up for rent and can be found at key commercial and tourist hotspots like malls.  They are all airconditioned with good mannered drivers.  They can be contacted through their agents or the driver’s personal mobile numbers. Front desk personnel of hotels can also contact taxi operators for visitors.

To get a feel of how it is to get around the city, you can refer to the Google Map below. It displays the location of the Central Bus Terminal, as well as gasoline stations.

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