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Season of hope and aspirations

Mayor John G. Bongat message for the second issue of  Naga SMILES Magazine [8.46 MB]

CHRISTMAS is a celebration for every one – rich or poor.
On the eve of Christmas, every one becomes hopeful of more blessings in store for one’s self, family, and community.
It is the night when shepherds get on their knees upon hearing the song of angels; when above the sky is a star so bright; when wise men bring gifts to a newborn boy they have not seen in a land they did not know.  But it is also a night when we are told to seek our king not in a palace but a stable.  This is the scene that I wish we are reliving here in Naga, our fair city, where its doors are open, its sky is bright with stars above and there are people who care to help anyone who is in need.

We take pride in being part of a community that is so much blessed with good tidings but humble enough to see our weaker points as we try to seek ways to do much better each time, especially with the advent of the New Year where fresh challenges are sure to come. For all these, we thank Jesus, the Son of God; whose love, grace and divine guidance have always been there that make us more judicious and responsive in delivering our mandate to our people.

I wish every one a bright and joyful Yuletide celebration, as this season of joy ushers in a new chapter of hope and aspirations for a better life for every Nagueño.