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Naga SMILES Magazine

Message of Mayor John G. Bongat on the maiden issue of Naga SMILES Magazine [6.83 MB]

Dubbed by the famous Filipino writer Nick Joaquin as one of the original seven golden cities of the sun, Maogmang Naga today pulsates with a unique culture and colorful history against the backdrop of a dynamic economy and a local government acclaimed for innovative governance and best practices globally.

Take a look and you will see a full range of exquisite and chili hot dishes. Wholesome entertainment as well as natural wonders also abound in Naga with its ancient and storied churches and museums that remind us of the distant colonial past. As the city beckons to delight the eye and the palate, her people will delight you with their charm, hospitality and good cheer.

These sights and sounds are just within the city limits and a few kilometers away by public and private transport are the sea and white beaches, a world-class watersports complex, pristine hot springs and awesome rain forests, teeming with diverse wildlife, flora and fauna preserved for centuries in the Mt. Isarog Natural Park.

Every September, devotees and pilgrims from all corners of the archipelago and abroad flock to the city for the annual feast of Our Lady of Penafrancia, which is conceded to be Asia’s biggest and most spectacular Marian devotion. We shall honor her this year with a grand celebration as we mark our 300th year of undying devotion to God’s immaculate mother whom we also fondly call as our Ina.

Indeed, visitors are advised not just to plan to “see” Naga. They are invited to feel and be part of Naga…its homely charm and mystique energy, its boundless piety, and its people’s warmth and hospitality as they lead
you to discover, experience, and celebrate a city that is free, peaceful, and happy.
Naga smiles at you and the world!