Naga City Jaycee Senate wins bid to host Natcon

Bicol Mail

JCI Senate Naga held its meeting and election of new set of officers last November 10, 2012 at JCI Sen. Alex Cruz’ residence. Seated from left: guests from JCI Naga, JCI Mems. President Roy Castro, and Francis Seva. Elected Board of Directors were: IPP JCI Sen Alex Cruz (standing), JCI Sen. Jovi Alvarez, JCI Sen. Aquiles Lo, JCI Sen. Vem Lobrigo-secretary, JCI Sen. Nilo Aureus, JCI Sen. Danny de Leon, JCI Sen. Pete Servano, JCI Sen. Rikko Evangelista-Vice President and,  JCI Sen. Jun Albo-President.

THE Junior Chamber International (JCI) Senate Naga chapter won the bid to   host the JCI Senate Philippines 2013 National Convention besting other chapters in Luzon during the culmination of the 2012 National Convention on October 26-27, 2012 in Pagadian City hosted by JCI Senate Zamboanga del Sur. The proclamation was made by National President JCI Senator Antonio Cerilles, the incumbent governor of the Province of Zamboanga del Sur before the declaration of the election of the new national president from JCI Senate Bulacan, JCI Sen. Hermin Arceo, a retired RTC judge. The overwhelming selection of Naga as the venue for the next national confab has affirmed the city’s goal as the best venue for conventions and meetings in South Luzon.

Delegates from Naga headed by its president, JCI Sen. Alex Cruz together with JCI Senators, Jun Albo, Jovi Alvarez and Rikko Evangelista (newly elected national secretary-general) wasted no time in convincing delegates to choose Naga as the next convention venue. Also, said delegates were conferred the Jake Gonzales Fellow (JGF) by the Philippine Jaycee Senate Foundation during its annual meeting.

Last November 10, 2012, JCI Senate Naga held its meeting and election of new set of officers and the appointment of national convention committee at JCI Sen. Alex Cruz’ residence, Concepcion Grande, Naga City . Elected President is JCI Sen. Jun Albo; Vice-President JCI Sen. Rikko Evangelista; Secretary JCI Sen. Vem Lobrigo; Directors are JCI Senators, IPP Alex Cruz,  Jovi Alvarez, Nilo Aureus, Aquiles Lo, Pete Servano,  Danny de Leon, and Detdet Quinto. Appointed convention director is IPP Alex Cruz and  Jovi Alvarez as the convention treasurer. Also, present during the meeting were the regular members of JCI Naga, President Roy Castro, and Francis Seva.

The JCI Senate, established in 1952, is an organization of past and current Junior Chamber International (JCI) members who have been conferred lifetime membership called JCI Senators and is awarded in recognition of their outstanding achievements and contribution to the JCI movement.