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Crazy Cut Woodcraft

NAGA CITY — The word “crazy” does not always refer to one who has something loose in his head. A Webster dictionary also defines it as something or someone who is inordinately eager or is so foolishly desirous. That’s what happens when you drop by Jojo L. Villafuerte’s Crazy Cut Woodcraft which is now becoming a craze among homeowners and furniture lovers who yearn for a piece or two of his newfound masterpieces.

Started in 2007 in Sitio San Rafael, Barangay Cararayan, a rural upland village that is nestled at the foot of lush Mt. Isarog in Naga City, Crazy Cut Woodcraft has since then become one of Metro Naga’s and Bicol’s leading furniture shops. It is best known for magically turning wood scraps into world-class furniture that in fact earned for the shop the award as “Top Seller” during the well-attended First Annual Bishop Francisco Gainza Trade Fair at the SM City Naga by the Tercentenary Committee of the 300th year celebration of the Peñafrancia Fiesta last Sept. 9-20, 2010.

Not known to many, the woodcraft started as a hobby. Jojo, the owner, is a man of creative mind and daring ideas. But, of course, nobody would call him crazy. Crazily in love with the arts and crafts, yes.

He transforms wood scraps into world-class furniture that makes him a disciple for environment preservation by turning wastes into sources of productive endeavors.

It all began one Saturday morning when Jojo went to visit his father’s home and saw scraps of wood lying idly in the backyard. He asked them to be brought home because he hinted he could make craft out of the scrap. The finished works he gave to his friends as gift who appreciated not only his generosity but also the uniqueness and durability of the designs of his products.

Soon, many who wanted to have a piece of the action ordered to buy his products where they were assured that each design is unique – no matching pair, no same artwork, pattern or size – where each piece is a masterpiece. The only things common among them are the superior quality of work and durability of raw materials used. Accordingly, he took in experienced carpenters and artisans who come from families of known furniture makers to help him meet the demands of growing customers and clients.

Crazy Cut Woodcrafts uses state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and hand finishing for every concept design. Jojo assures that each wood product is treated and kiln dried. His workers use only top-class polyurethane for either glossy shine or dead flat top coat and finishing touch on each wood craft.

His array of products include windows made of wood that cost from P250 per square foot to wooden beds, dining tables and sala sets that are prized from P18,000 to P20,000 and up. The shop also makes distinctive wood trophies from P500 apiece and doors at P8, 000 and up per piece. These items have been displayed and have awed visitors in various trade fairs, such as Orgullo kan Bicol at the SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City, at the Kaogma Festival in Pili, Camarines Sur, the Annual Bicol Business Week in Naga City and the recent First Bishop Francisco Gainza Trade Fair.  Jojo, who comes from a family of politicians, is a wondrous transformation himself. He creates beauty out of scraps, recycling what could have been thrown or left to rot into an opportunity for livelihood and added income not only for himself but for his workers and suppliers.