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2 Honest Nagueños commended

By: Armie B. Gunay, CEPPIO

The City Government of Naga recently recognized the honest acts of two Nagueños who returned lost and found items to the rightful owners.

Mr. Danilo Ross, a security guard in Our Lady of Peñafrancia Shrine in San Felipe, Naga City, found a Vivo cellular phone left at the premises of the church while doing his regular security check as he was the guard on duty during the time.

Fortunately, the child of the property owner called the phone, giving Mr. Danilo the opportunity to find the rightful property owner and so had the occasion to instruct her to get the phone back at the church.

The owner, Mrs. Lilia Marcelo, came back to the church hours later and get back the phone from Mr. Danilo who immediately returned it to her.

The other one, Mr. Roy Consulta, a pedicab driver, while doing his daily grind, found the pouch bag alongside a parked car. With no signs of any possible owner around, Mr. Consulta first took home the bag and looked for any contact details of the owner among the items in the property, which include cash and several cards.

Not finding any contact details with which to inform the owner, Mr. Consulta turned over the bag to the Public Safety Office (PSO) for corresponding action. The PSO successfully returned the property to Ms. Evelyn Sayson of Bicol Medical Center (BMC).

The two were given each a Certificate of Commendation in an awarding ceremony, February 12, 2018, during the flag raising rites of the city hall employees.

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