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New advocacy of a Strong Leader

Naga is defined by an empowered and responsible citizenry in action.

This is the essence behind KKDK, the new advocacy of a strong leadership under Mayor John G. Bongat that inspires Nagueños to develop in their heart and mind a culture of cleanliness (Kalinigan), peace (Katoninongan), and order (Disiplina). These, he believes, are the essential ingredients (Kaipuhan) towards the attainment of a more liveable community. A City we can truly call Maogmang Naga. A happy place inhabited by a happy people.

These ideals are summed up in his first State of the City Report delivered on January 25. His main message is everyone, young or old, rich or poor, is part and parcel of the City’s life and future with the bounden duty to “H2ELP your CiTy”, as everyone takes part in defining Naga’s future today.