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Barangay GROW Negosyo

Barangay GROW Negosyo!

GRowing Opportunities for Wealth

Gaining Headway for Barangay Micro-Enterprise Development in Naga City

Barangay-based micro-enterprises are a substantial and important component of the city’s local economy. The sector assures wealth creation, self-employment and promising new industries. Through the livelihood programs of the City Government, these household economies are provided with additional earnings that underpin the improvement of the socio-economic standing of a large number of Nagueño families.

Barangay GROW Negosyo Project is geared at achieving these goals within a 3-year period (2010-2012):

  • Harmonize City Government livelihood assistance programs and projects
  • Provide leverage to barangay micro enterprises in competing with more established counterparts
  • Develop barangay-based industries (One Barangay One Product Concept) through capability building, microfinancing, and marketing support
  • Develop supply chains for raw materials and complementary industries
  • Ensure the growth of barangay MEs through a comprehensive service suite

Projects identified as the 12 flagship industries assisted in coordination with city government partners from among national government agencies (Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Science and Technology, Food and Drugs Administration, Philippine Commission on Women through the Great Women Project, Department of Labor and Employment and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority), NGOs, the academe and barangay councils are as follows:

  • Pili processing-  Lerma and Triangulo
  • Smoked-fish production- Abella
  • Misua production- San Felipe and Calauag
  • Soya Processing- Panicuason
  • Water Hyacinth Handicraft – Tinago
  • Waterlily Hyacinth Charcoal Briquettes- Mabolo
  • Softbrooms- Naga City Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons
  • Bags and other Tailored Products- Sta.Cruz , Concepcion Grande  and Sabang
  • Goat Farming – San Felipe, Cararayan, San Isidro, Pacol, Carolina
  • Pancit Noodles and Rubber Slippers – Cararayan
  • Paminta Repacking- San Francisco
  • Kinalas Production- Dayangdang

Other priority industries include Wax and Candle-making, Upholstery, Bamboo Crafts, Pinangat Making, Cacao Processing, Kinalas Production, Meat Processing, Balut-making, Recycled Tire Pots and Craft, Recycled Paper Craft, Waterlily Craft, Popular Eateries, Toasted Siopao Production, Vegetable Production, Cutflower, Rice Cake Making, Candy-making and Tincraft.


  • Product Identification & Differentiation
  • Harmonization plan with livelihood program implementers
  • ME Orientation and Direction Setting
  • Training Needs Assessment (TNA)
  • Recommendation and Approval of Actions to the City Mayor
  • Presentation of Harmonized Plan to NGAs (DTI, DOST, DOLE, BFAD, PCW-GWP) and Fund Sources
  • Training Phase
  • Industry Mapping for Complementary Livelihood Projects
    • Pili farming and plantation management for Pili processing industry
    • Waterlily semi-processing for Waterlily handicraft
  • Marketing Assistance and Product Launching
  • External Fund Sourcing
  • Project Monitoring/Community Impact Assessment


  • Coordination with Barangay Chairpersons, and Committee Chairpersons on Livelihood
  • Coordination with City Government livelihood program implementers
  • Metro PESO-  microfinancing, capability-building, monitoring
  • Naga City Council for Women- WME policy & advocay, capability building
  • SP Committee on Livelihood- legislative agenda
  • City Agriculture Office- agricultural productivity/technology
  • City Social Welfare & Development Office- program for indigency
  • Great Women Project- capability-building, fund-sourcing
  • NCCWDP- livelihood program for persons with disadvantages
  • OSCA- livelihood program for the elderly
  • BJMP- livelihood program for inmates
  • UPAO- livelihood program for Urban Poor Areas


  • Pre-Entrepreneurship Training (PET) for Micro-Enterprises (Basic- 4 hrs.)
  • GET Ahead Training: Managing Your Own Business (Advanced- 3 days)
  • Basic Gender Sensitivity Training  (8 hrs.)
  • Market and Trends Analysis (16 hrs.)
  • Food Additives and Food Fortification Seminar (16 hrs.)
  • Occupational Safety and Health w/ Gender Lens (8 hrs.)
  • Work Values (GWP) (16 hrs.)
  • Good Manufacturing Processes (8 hrs.)
  • Skills Training/Upgrading (specific for food processors, furniture makers, coffin production)
  • Product Design and Development (2 days)
  • Product Packaging Design (2 days)
  • Waterlily Semi-Processing (3 days)
  • Goat Farming Technology (10 days/distributed)
  • AgriTrends on Pili Farming Industry


  • Industrial tours and On-site Training at successful industry sites
  • Process documentation (Development of Manual of Operations, Video Documentaries on Success Stories and Testimonials, Process Modules)
  • Barangay GROW Negosyo Awards 2011
    • FEATURING:  John Bongat Mayoral Award for GROW Negosyo MicroEntrepreneur of the Year,  Outstanding Woman MicroEntrepreneur of the Year Award,  Robredo Entrepreneurial Achievement Award, Outstanding GROW Negosyo Partner, and Most Business-Friendly Barangay (Award Launching- December 2010; Screening and Monitoring starts January 2011 to May 2011, Awarding Rites- 2011 Charter Anniversary)
  • Technology transfer (to other barangay MEs following the Big Sister to Little Sister Approach)


  • City Hall procurement (take-off stage) for required supplies and materials for programs, projects and activities
      • City Social Welfare and Development Office- Misua for Paskohan (Christmas Gift-giving activity), Food for Work, Sanggawadan giveaways
      • City Population and Nutrition Office/City School Board- Soya milk, soya bread feeding and goatmilk food supplementation for pre-school and elementary students
      • GSD City School Board- soft brooms and walis tingting for city hall offices
      • Arts, Culture and Tourism Office- waterlily handicraft and Pili products
  • Participation to city, regional and national trade fairs
      • Bishop Gainza Trade Fair, Panagbenga, OK Bikol, Bicol Business Week and others
  • Production of promotional materials
      • brochures, tarpaulin ads, and Naga ME website for online marketing
  • Establishment of a Highway Pasalubong Village
      • Strategic highway location to serve as One-Barangay-One-Product showcase
      • Partnership with ACTO, tour agents and operators,  bus and van companies
  • Production of a market directory (yellow page) for possible tie- ups and linkaging


  • Capability-building of livelihood personnel complement and program implementers
      • Trainors’ Training GET Ahead: Managing Your own Business, Trainors’ Training on Occupational Safety & Health, Credit Analysis Training
  • Consultation and constant project monitoring of beneficiaries
  • Identification of PMSME (pre-micro, micro, small & medium enterprises) champions and role models
  • Identification of industry cluster managers from among the livelihood program implementers
  • Strengthening of the city’s IGPrograms (PESO micro-financing, CAGO services, CTO services) to assure stable fund source.
  • Continuing partnership with the private sector, NGOs/POs, NGAs and Barangay Councils
      • MNCCI, DTI, DOST, BFAD and PCW


  • Raise barangay level employment rate
  • Improved household income levels
  • Develop a proud barangay-owned product
  • Emergence of model entrepreneurs
  • Attainment of the City’s vision for economic empowerment

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Project Development Officer
Metro Naga Public Employment Service Office
1/F DOLE Building, City Hall Compound, J. Miranda Ave., Naga City, 4400 Philippines
0915 329 6165
email: rico.mike@yahoo.com