Mayor’s Message

Dagos po kamo sa Ciudad Nin Naga!

Nestled at the very center of Bicol, our city is a bustling convention and business hub that can meet your every need and preference.  We are Bicol’s most visited city where decisions that change the course of history are created, ground-breaking firsts are made, development is commonplace, breakthroughs and advancements in known areas of knowledge are seen, national sports events are witnessed, international gatherings take place and excellent learning opportunities are taken advantage of.  Our city is the place where award-winning feats and trailblazing firsts are born.

In Naga, we have everything you need and more. In our commercial centers, you can find the best accommodations for you and your companions.  Convention places that can suit your organization’s needs and purpose are also available within your budget. We have been the site of grand gatherings and conventions because our city can offer you all the state-of-the art amenities that modern technology could offer.   With the recent inauguration of the Naga City Coliseum aka the Big Dome of the South, we now also promise a perfect venue for your sports events, pageants, cultural shows and concerts that will draw crowds from across the country.   We offer you a taste of its unique lifestyle while availing of its best services that are guaranteed to help you succeed in your objectives.  Be part of its booming society for a while and come away changed.

We then invite you to come and see for yourself the reasons why international and local organizers choose to hold their events in our tranquil yet exciting city that holds surprises and wonders beyond expectations.

As Naga smiles to you and the world, we are sure you will smile back!

Mayor John G. Bongat
Naga City