A bubbling melting pot where history and progress merge, the City of Naga has been for hundreds of years dubbed as the center of trade, education, arts, culture and tourism of the Bicol Region. It is the one of the crown jewels of Southern Luzon complete with a busy commercial hub, consisting of the biggest names and trademarks in various industries combined with quaint yet interesting small enterprises guaranteed to keep you enchanted, and natural and man-made attractions that serve as windows to its glorious past. Poised at the banks of the Naga River, the City is a perfect pulsating focal point to anyone who is looking for a historical tour of Bicol, to vacationers who are craving for a taste of its wholesome night life, to creative minds who want to feast on its unique art and poignant culture, to pilgrims looking for moving religious experiences, to organizations in need of a convention place.

Come visit Naga City and get a first hand feel of its exceptional and affordable modern services combined with its old world Spanish charm.See for yourself the veneration of its miraculous patron saint, Our Lady of Penafrancia, and hear the prayers of the faithful   answered at the very shores of the Naga River. Taste its local cuisines that sweetly entice as its sweetened pili or explode like the spicy pinangat and bicol express. Feast on the attractions that it offers and be enraptured by its relative tranquility while marveling on its safe surroundings that will keep you coming back for more.

Dagos po kamo sa Ciudad Nin Naga!