Finding the perfect home

A house is not a home, unless of course it’s in Naga. With some 80 housing communities to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect home for you and your family. Reliable water and power supply and state-of-the-art communications system make life in Naga as comfortable as it can be.

Row houses, townhouses, duplex-type apartments, and executive homes – Naga has it all.

From only 28 housing subdivisions in 1995, Naga is now home to 80 housing communities offering homes of different sizes and modern architectural designs.

Find the perfect home for your family at reasonable costs.

Choose from a wide variety of house types/lists of subdivisions here.

Your growing family can also avail of in-house or Home Development Mutual Fund (PAGIBIG) loans to get the houses you’ve always dreamt of.