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Raul S. Roco Library Best Practices

What makes services of Raul S. Roco Library unique? The desire to reinvent new strategies of service. The success of a public library does not depend solely on imitating strategies or meeting standards that work in other countries.  A library has to re-invent its own strategy to make every visit to it by the public a real encounter, an experience beyond forgetting.

The staff of Raul S. Roco Library in Naga knows that they have to create their own ways and means to deliver quality library service that reflect and respects the unique culture, history and traditions of the Bikolano.  Its present have new trails of services largely contributed by citizens of Naga. Their ideas compliment efforts of improvement in the services in the Raul S. Roco Library.

The best services the Raul S. Roco Library offers from two (2) directions: intra services and interservices.
1. Online Services – this strategy intends to systematically improve the circulation of services for the readers. The services includes

  • the Circulation of books (charging and discharging)
  • Inventory of reference materials
  • application to library card and
  • Online Catalog Services.

What intra services do?

  • Gives services to the library
  • Provides answers  to queries regarding the availability of book
  • facilitate ease and convenience in lending and charging of books;
  • quick searching and retrieval of books from the general collections;
  • reach out library users who are Internet clients;
  • maximize time for answering reference queries and
  • introduce innovations in the service

2. LIBRARY REWARDS program. This strategy encourages the Naga City residents to avail of the services and programs of the Raul S. Roco Library. Each book in the City Library is assigned a corresponding point which a borrower earns every time he borrows. A reward is given to borrowers who have reached certain points.


Why give rewards?

  • To encourage reading and to read recommended reading materials that contains authoritative information and those that provides better resources
  • Develop the habit of reading
  • increase the number of library users;
  • promote the use of library materials and awareness of authors
  • as a lifelong commitment to reading, reader is encourage in setting up their personal goals

. This strategy promotes among the people awareness and appreciation for local writers, literature, and history and for the materials in the Raul S. Roco Library. Notable local writers who graced the occasion since 2005


  • Alan Popa – Changing Paradigm of Bicol Poetry, 2005
  • Dr. Bienvenido Lumbera – Mainstreaming Bikol Language and Literature, 2006
  • Ms. Eugenia Apostol – Responsible Journalism, Effective Communication, and Transparent Governance,  2007
  • Mrs. Prudenciana C. Cruz – The impact of local history materials in public libraries, 2008
  • Dr. Danny Gerona – Importance of local history materials in the Library
  • Mr. Conrado De Quiros

The library lectures aim to:

    • further improve the awareness for local writers and their significant contribution in the local culture and history;
    • make people aware of the wealth of materials the Raul S. Roco Library has by providing time for them to see for themselves the facilities of the library
    • instill among people that the wealth of the library can also come from living and speaking persons

 Why make the library holds lecture?

  • to instill in the people the realization that the library is not only for reading
  • to infuse among public that the library is a place where the recorded knowledge is kept which consequently serves as the repository for great men.

4.  Be a Reader: rediscovering Raul S. Roco as an avid reader and a great leader @ the library. It started as Chidren's Bookfest and Byaheng Bukmibil then gradually it became as a general project as Be a reader. This is the primary reading program of the City Library consisting of

  • storytelling in public elementary schools
  • Internet tutorials, and
  • speech choral competitions.

The project was organized to

  • to instill awareness on the importance of reading and that the library serve as the depository of the best information and resource materials
  • to compliment the reading programs of DepEd and the Local Government Units
  • support the reading campaign
  • promote the use of library resource materials and facilities


– this strategy augment the personnel assigned in the different activities and works in the library. At present, the Naga City Scholars Guild, an organization of scholar students who are recipient of the Naga City Government Iskolar kan Syudad Proram, spent their volunteer works in the library which involves processing of books, shelving, assisting in library orientation, storytelling and other library activities.

For the last three years, it has partnered with the National Service Training Program of local computer schools to compliment the need to improve library services and initiate sustainable activities. These schools are:


            - Computer Communication Development Institute
            - Philippine Computer Foundation College
            - STI Education Center
            - DATAMEX Institute of Computer Technology

This project is anchored on the general goals of

- eliminating non-essential works which pre-occupy the library staff
- maintain cooperation and open communication between library and other sectoral groups
- build public awareness and stimulate public support           

  Why ask for volunteers?

  • to augment the staff at no cost
  • to stimulate support
  • to expose among the youth, the information service in the government

6. DATABANK Exposition
. This strategy brings to the community where an occasion is held, the library’s file of local achievers, events and photos to compliment the occasion with historical exhibition. These are the exhibits that support the Bikol culture and resource materials.

  1. The 15 Martyrs Photos
  2. 1920-1950 Bicolano Writers
  3. 1920-1950 Old Photos of Naga City
  4. Bikol books

            This initiative aimed to:

  1. Develop awareness of the past and of Bikol’s great men
  2. make local history materials available to the community
  3. make the resources of the library availed by all the people in the community not only to those who come to the library

Why bring the resources outside?

  • to make the service more proactive
  • it is a way to market the services of the library

 7. Inter Library program – Launched three years ago, this strategy shares resources between the Raul S. Roco Library and the libraries of Philippine Computer Foundation College, Computer Communication Development Institute, AMA Computer College and Holy Rosary Minor Seminary.

The objective is to increase library collections of both partnering libraries. Partner libraries can either be lending and borrowing, for instance, Roco Library may lend Filipiniana materials while libraries of computer schools can lend to Roco Library Computer books. Holy Rosary Minor Seminar can lend to Roco Library Philosophy and Religion books while Roco Library can lend Filipiniana and Circulation Books to their library


Why go into resource sharing?

  • to increase collection for partners;
  • to overcome limited collection
  • Provision of appropriate budget allocation for priority books and other resource materials;
  • minimize or eliminate duplication of library materials which can be found in nearby libraries;
  • established partnership with local libraries;


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