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Sectoral Profiles

Information specific to industry sectors in Naga City:

  • ICT/Animation
    • Consider Naga City’s advantages: A robust human resource pool, access to modern telecoms facilities and strong government support for investment in e-services, including Animation and other allied industries in Information and Communicaton Technology.  A Creative/IT Park is available for locators who wish to explore cost-effective options here.
  • Health and Wellness Tourism
    • With an environment that uncrowded and tourist-friendly, Naga City offers new opportunities in the health and wellness industry.  Just a few minutes from the main urban center are natural attractions that can be developed to meet a rising demand for retirement villages.  Health and medical facilities are available to support this growing industry.
  • Commercial Development
    • As the bastion of economic growth in the region, Naga City is a prime location for commercial enterprises ranging from trading, services and others.  Medium to large-scale commercial developers can tap into the expanding needs of this bustling metropolis.  This section provides further information on the sector.