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Infrastructure and Market Access

Road Network

The construction of the Quirino Highway in 1999 has reduced travel time from Manila by 3 to 5 hours. This 60.5-kilometer long highway directly links the Camarines Sur and Quezon provinces; and bypasses the province of Camarines Norte.

Within Naga, a major road-concreting effort has been on-going. The city is currently focusing on building circumferential and diversion roads which will ease traffic within the business district and provide access to priority development areas.

As of December, 2009,  the total  road length  grew to  185.02 kilometers, of which 147.67 kms. are  now  concreted;  14.63 kms. are concreted with asphalt overlay, 4.10 kms. are asphalted; 11.87 kms. are gravel surfaced while  5.76 kms. are still earth road/unsurfaced. This translates to an  increase of 19.74 kms.

Within Naga City are 11 city bridges spanning 223 meters, five  national bridges, with a total length of 272 meters and two  barangay bridges with a total length of 31 meters.  Most of these bridges are found in the poblacion area which is trisected by the Bicol and Naga Rivers.

Naga City, being a fast urbanizing city faces traffic problems during peak hours especially in the Central Business District.  Bottlenecks are formed in various strategic intersections which are caused by increasing number of vehicles.

The Public Safety Office (PSO), manned by 35 traffic officers and 30 volunteer citizen patrol officers from various barangays, is tasked to manage the transport and traffic problems of the city, in support to PNP’s Traffic Division.



San Felipe-Calauag Road 10m 1.12
Balatas-San Felipe Road 10m 1.15
Queborac-Abella Road 10m 1.15
Diversion Road II 10m 4.429
Pacol-Cararayan Road 20m 2.344
Villa Corazon-Cararayan Road 10m 0.620