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Social Security System

Government Agency Social Security System (SSS)
Contact Person Ms. Ma. Teresa l. Ignacio, Asst. Vice President-Bicol
Contact Address SSS Bldg., Concepcion Pequeña, Naga City
Telephone Number (63)(54) 472-9791
Fax Number
E-mail Address
Web Page Address

Purpose| Note:
Securing Social Security System (SSS) number for the Employer/Enterprise

[Standard Requirements]

[1] If the employer/enterprise is not yet registered with SSS:

    2 copies of properly accomplished SS From R-1 (Employer Registration)
    available at SSS offices

  1. If Single Proprietorship, no requirements
  2. If Partnership, present Articles of Partnership and assign any partner as
    authorized signatory
  3. If Corporation, present Articles of Incorporation and assign President or
    any of the Corporate Officers as authorized signatories
  4. If Cooperative, present Certificate of Registration issued by Cooperative
    Development Authority
    (CDA) and assign Chairman or any of
    the officers as authorized signatories
  5. If Non-stock/non-profit organization, present SEC
    Registration/Certificate of Affiliation and assign President/Chairman
    or any of the officers as authorized signatories.

[2] If the employer/enterprise is already registered

    2 copies of Employment Report of newly hired/rehired employees

  1. Present SS Employer ID Card