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Occupancy Permit

Occupancy Permit

Engineer’s Office (CEO)
Contact Person: Engr.
Leon V. Palmiano IV, City Engineer
Contact Address: Ma.
Cristina St., Dayangdang, Naga City
Telephone Number: (63)(54) 4725368
Fax Number:
E-mail Address: info@naga.gov.ph
Web Page Address: www.naga.gov.ph

Purpose/Note: An Occupancy Permit is required before any building or structure is
used or occupied. It is usually secured after the completion of a structure. It is also required if there is any change in the existing use or occupancy classification of a building, structure or any portion thereof.

  1. Certificate of Completion from the Building Official
  2. Certificate of Completion – Mechanical, Electrical and Sanitary/Plumbing Permits
  3. Logbook of building construction and Building Inspection Sheet duly accomplishes by the contractor (if undertaken by contract) and signed and sealed by the architect or civil engineer.
  4. Final Electrical Inspection Report by the City Engineer’s Office
  5. Final Fire Safety Inspection Report by the Bureau of Fire Protection

Additional Requirements:

If there are any changes, modifications and alterations made in the originally approved plans and specifications which is the basis of the issuance of the original building permit.

  1. As-built plans and specifications jointly signed and sealed by the designing architect or civil engineer and the architect or civil engineer in charge of
    construction and signed by the contractor (if undertaken by contract) and confirmed by the owner.
  2. Permit fee