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Issuance of Zoning Clerance

Issuance of Zoning Clearance for Building Permits

Government Agency:

City Planning and Development Office (CPDO)

Contact Person: Architect Juan O. Villegas, City Planning and Development Coordinator
Contact Address: City Hall Complex, J. Miranda Ave., Naga City
Telephone Number: (63)(54)4732053
Fax Number:
E-mail Address: info@naga.gov.ph
Web Page Address: www.naga.gov.ph

All enterprises constructing a new building are required to secure a Zoning Clearance upon application for Building Permit..  This is done before the start of construction to ensure that the building/business is allowed in the chosen location as per the City Land Use Plan (CLUP).

Standard Requirements:

  1. 4 copies Application form

  2. 1 set Building Plans duly signed by a Civil Engineer or Architect

  3. 1 set Perspective duly signed by a Civil Engineer or Architect

  4. 2 copies Lot Plan

  5. 2 copies Bill of Materials

  6. 2 copies Specifications

  7. 2 copies Transfer Certificate of Title or Deed of Sale

  8. 2 copies Real Property Tax Declaration

  9. Certificate of Real Property Tax Payment

  10. Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC), when applicable

  11. If lot is not owned:

  1. 2 copies Contract of Lease

  2. Authorization to Occupy Lot

  3. Postal Money Order for Clearance Fee