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Corporations and Partnerships

Government Agency Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Legazpi Extension Office
Contact Person Atty. Marilou Duka-Castillo, OIC
Contact Address Cabangan, Legazpi City
Telephone Number (63)(52) 214-3179
Head Office
Lilia R. Bautista, Chairman
Contact Address SEC Bldg., EDSA, Greenhills Mandaluyong City
Telephone Number < (63)(2) 727-4543/2158
Fax Number < (63)(2) 725-4399
E-mail Address Lilia.Bautista@sec.gov.ph
Web Page Address www.sec.gov.ph
Standard Requirements


  1. Name Verification Slip, to validate and reserve proposed corporate name
  2. 3 copies each of:
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Registration Data Sheet
  • Written Undertaking to change corporate name
  • Treasurer’s Affidavit
  • Bank
    Certificate of Deposit notarized before a notary public where the bank
    signatory is assigned
  • Authority to Verify Bank Account
  • (3)Undertaking to comply with SEC reportorial requirements
    (4)If a subscriber/stockholder is a corporation and the subscription of such corporation is only partially paid, Audited Financial Statements of the same for the last fiscal/calendar year
    (5)If paid-up capital consists of cash and properties, 3 copies of a Statement of Assets and Liabilities executed under oath by the Treasurer of the corporation, along with:

    for Real Estate

  • Deed of Assignment duly presented to the Register of Deeds for primary entry where the
    properties are located
  • Written consent of the mortgagee/creditor on the assignment of the property, together with a certification of the outstanding loan balance
  • Certified true copies of the Original or Transfer Certificate of Title (OCT/TCT)
  • Photocopies of tax declaration sheets and official receipts of real estate tax payments for the current year to be checked against original copies thereof
  • Appraisal report to be rendered by an independent real estate appraiser if the transfer value of the property is based on current fair market value.
  • Detailed inventory of the properties duly certified by the company accountant
  • Deed of Assignment executed by the owner in favor of the corporation
  • Appraisal report to be rendered by an independent and licensed mechanical engineer if the transfer value of property is based on current fair market value
  • Copies of the corresponding bill of lading, Central Bank release certificates,
  • and customs declaration, if the machineries and equipment are purchased abroad.
  • Central Bank valuation/appraisal report for imported properties
  • Photocopies of the certificate of registration and official receipt of annual registration fee for motor vehicles for the current year to be checked against original copies thereof.
  • for Shares of Stock

  • Detailed schedule of the shares of stock showing the registered owner, name of issuer, number of shares, certificate number, par value per share, transfer value and market and/or book
    value, duly certified by the Corporate Secretary
  • Deed of Assignment
  • Photocopies of the certificate of stock duly endorsed in favor of the applicant company, to be verified against original copies thereof
  • Audited financial statement as of the last fiscal/calendar year of the of the investor companies
  • for Inventories and Furniture

  • Detailed physical inventory of the properties showing the quantity, description, unit price, as well as the total value of each item duly-certified by the Treasurer
  • Deed of Assignment
  • Special audit report by an independent certified public accountant on the verification made on the properties