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Building Permit

Engineer’s Office (CEO)
Elmer T. Albo

Engr. Nelson Prilles

Engr. Gregory L. Moreno

Ms. Eleanor Alcantara

Building, Youth Center Compound, Caimito St., Naga City
(63)(54) 472-5368
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| Note
Required before erection, construction, major repair or renovation, conversion
or demolition of any building or structure. The permit becomes null
and void if work
does not commence within 1 year from the date of such permit, or if the
building or work is suspended or abandoned at any time after it has been
commenced for a period of 120 days.


(A) Pro-forma
Building Construction/Renovation Application Form/Letter

(B) For applicants who are registered owners of the lot, 5 copies of:

(B1) Certified true copy of Original/Transfer Certificate
of Title (OCT/TCT)

(B2) Real Property Tax Declaration

(B3) Certificate of Updated Real Property Tax Payments

(C) For applicants who are not registered owners of the lot,

(C1) 5
copies of Lease Contract, Deed of Sale or Contract to Sell

(D) 2
copies of Certificate of Zoning Compliance

(E) 2
copies of Fire Clearance

(F) 2
copies of Environmental Clearance

(G) 2
copies of DOLE Clearance for industrial buildings

(H) 1
copy of Construction Logbook

(I) Building

and Structural Engineering Documents]

(1) Building
Permit Application Form signed by the Designing Architect or Civil Engineer

(A) 8
copies of Lot Plan with a certification from a Geodetic Engineer or Junior
Geodetic Engineer that the proposed building does not encroach on adjoing
properties; 12 copies if the building is industrial

(B) 8 copies of Site Development Plan indicating the setback distances
at the front, sides and rear, with Perspective; 12 copies if the building
is industrial

(C) 7 sets of Building Plans; 11 sets if the building is industrial

(D) 5 sets of the Bill of Materials and Cost Estimates

(E) 5 sets of Building Specifications

(F) 2 copies of Structural Design Computations with Seismic Analysis

(G) 2 copies of Plate Load Test Analysis, for 3-storey buildings and higher,
or 2-storey buildings with roof decks

(H) 2 copies of Soil Boring Test Results, for 4-storey buildings and higher,
or 3-storey buildings with roof decks

(2) Sanitary
Engineering/Plumbing Documents

(3) Mechanical
Engineering Documents

(4) Electrical
Engineering Documents


(A) During
construction, the CEO should approve any modifications in the plans and
specifications before the changes are implemented*. The following
documents are required:

5 sets of modified Plans

(2) 5 sets of modified Specifications

(3) 5 copies of new Bill of Materials and Cost Estimates

to secure approval is the usual cause of difficulty in securing the Occupancy
Permit. As-built plans and specifications that reflect all changes
and alterations made on the originally-approved plans may be submitted
after work completion and during the application for a permit to occupy.
The building official, however, may not necessarily approve these.
This leads to the owner being required to modify or demolish certain parts
of the completed construction, or refusal of the building official to
issue an Occupancy Permit.

(B) Inspection
by the building official should be requested after the building lines
have been laid-out and before excavation begins.

(C) A
sign showing the approved Building Permit number, date of issuance and
the name of the architect or engineer in charge of construction must be
posted on a visible location within the project site.