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City Hall receives 10 e-Bike units

By Gerald O. Enguero
Bicol Mail

e-BIKES. Naga City Mayor John G. Bongat watches as Vice Mayor Gabby H. Bordado tries one of the ten units of electric bicycles (e-Bikes) turned over by the United Nations to the city government last January 2, 2012. The environment friendly bicycles have been assigned to selected offices at city hall to expedite ‘delivery’ of services to the city’s stakeholders. Photo by RANDY VILLAFLOR

The city government of Naga recently received ten units of electric bicycles, more known as e-Bikes, courtesy of the Climate Change Program of the United Nations through the Health and Wellness Empowerment for the Poor Program of Oscar G. Arcilla, Jr., a Nagueño technocrat based in Metro Manila.

A grateful City Mayor John G. Bongat immediately allocated the environment-friendly vehicles to seven offices at city hall with one unit each that will make best use of them in the delivery of services.

The eBikes can run for 65 kilometers or about three hours after they have been charged for seven hours at the cost of P15 compared to P50 consumed by gasoline fed motorcycles.

This city, according to Arcilla, is the first local government unit to receive the eBikes for free in line with the UN’s advocacy for clean environment.

City Environment & Natural Resources Officer Oscar P. Orozco, said e-bikes and other electric vehicles are one of the best contributions against air pollution.

The e-Bikes were distributed at one unit each to the city’s MEPO (Naga City People’s Mall office), City Civil Registrar, City Health office, Accounting Office, Public safety Office, City Assessor’s Office, and MetroPeso. The remaining three units will be available for pooling, c/o the City Mayor’s Office.

Naga steps up drive vs air and water solution

By Gerald O. Enguero
Bicol Mail

BIO-CLEANER. Mayor John Bongat, along with DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo, Vice Mayor Gabby Bordado, Environment Officer Oscar Orozco and Waste Management Manager Joel Martin (top photo) watch from the riverbanks how a Bio-Cleaner (lower photo), loaned by Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA) for a 3-month demonstration, works to boost the oxygen level of the polluted Naga River. ENRO Photo

This city government’s anti-pollution campaign has taken a more aggressive step with the procurement recently of modern equipment to check air quality and a plan to purchase a bio-reactor to boost the oxygen level of the Naga River at any given time.

City Environment and Natural Resources Officer Oscar Orozco said that based on the 22% increase in air pollutants as recorded during the previous two years by the Air Quality Monitoring Station of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) within the confines of the city, the challenge now is to arrest further pollutant gas emissions into the air space and water.

With its recently-purchased Opacimeter, Orozco said they have stepped up the campaign against smoke-belching vehicles which are the heaviest contributors to air pollution. By inserting the equipment into the exhaust system of the vehicle and other gas-guzzling machines, his office can now determine how much pollutants are thrown into the air.

Orozco reported that as of October this year, out of the 231 vehicles on the road tested, 109 failed which have been warned or penalized under City Ordinance 990-84 that prohibits smoke-belching vehicles from plying the city’s roads and highways.

For water preservation and maintenance, Orozco’s office is strictly enforcing the salient provisions of the Clean Water Act, which, among others, call for higher Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) level in the bodies of water such as the river.

Orozco disclosed that with a Bio-Reactor which was recently loaned by the Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA), they were able to sustain the required oxygen level of the Naga River.

He said that upon testing they found out that the river’s oxygen level ranged from 1.8 milliliter to 2 milliliter which was way below the average required oxygen level of 10 milliliter per liter. This means, Orozco said, that the river was no longer suitable for aquatic life formation, unless remedial measures were done.

With the Bio-Reactor that the city government plans to purchase after three months of actual demonstration, Orozco said, his office was able to increase the oxygen level and water quality of the Naga River where the equipment as part of the process also consumed the organic pollutants found in the river.

Ordinansa sa e-trike nakasunad na sa SP

Bicol Mail

Andam na an Sanggunian Panlungsod kan Ciudad nin Naga na aprovaran an ordinansa na nagtutugot sa operacion kan electric trimobiles (e-trikes), alagad tatawan pa nin panahon sagcod sa Diciembre 9 an sector nin trimobile na magsumiter kan saindang position paper nganing dangogon an saindang iba pang kahurotan antes isunad sa en banc session an ordinansa.

Si Consejal Nelson Legacion padreno kan ordinansa nagsabi na tapos na si proceso sa public hearing asin committee hearing, kun igwa pang masumiter kan saindang position paper matalaan nin ultimong pagdangog sa Diciembre 12.

An Pistton Development and Transport Service Cooperative, Inc. na pinamamayohan ni Rafael Duque nagsabi na saindang huhuroton sa consejo na adalan na marhay antes aprovaran an ordinansa huli ta mismo sinda nagvisita sa Ciudad nin Taguig na kun haen si sangatos na unit kan e-trikes anom na sana si natada sa dahilan kun nararaot dai na makadalagan mientras na mayo na nin supply na fiesa na pueding mababakal sa mercado o compania.

Alagad an consejal nagsabi na nagseseguro an compania na magkakaigwa nin stock nin mga fiesa nganing maging regular an pagkayod kan mga operator.

An Enzolutions Inc. asin Gerweiss Motors Corporation iyo an ma-supply kan electric trimobiles sa ciudad.

Mismo si Presidente Benigno Aquino III, an nagtutulod kan operacion kan e-trike makakahawas pa sa problema sa halangkaw na precio sa producto nin petrolio an operators, daing ribok an makina, asin solucion pa sa naglalangkaw na air pollution.

An bagong trimobile dakulang bagay sa campania kan local na gobierno contra sa air pollution huli ta dai magamit nin gasolina na padagos pa an paglangkaw kan precio.

An City Environment and Natural Resources Office naglansar nin campania contra sa vehiculos na nagbuboga nin maitum na aso na saro sa nakakapalangkaw sa air pollution sa ciudad.

Sa propuestong ordinansa dapat magbugtak nin charging station sa estratihicong lugar an proponente asin dai ma-isyu nin franquicia an consejo sagcod na dai ini nasusunod.

Kabali sa mga padreno kan propuestong ordinansa iyo sinda consejales Esteban Abonal, Jose Tuason, Raoul Rosales, Joaquin Perez asin Alex Nero mientras na suportado man ini ni Alcalde John Bongat.