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‘Happy Go Linig’ sweeps streets of residual plastics

Bicol Mail

BUSINESS enterprises are joining the City Government of Naga in another environmental campaign that aims to rid the streets and other areas in the city of plastics and other residual waste.

The ‘Happy Go Linig’ is a support project of the KKDK program of the administration of Mayor John G. Bongat which encourages the Nagueño to develop the culture of cleanliness (Kalinigan), peace (Katoninongan), and order (Disiplina).

The project is expected to work effectively along with the city government’s other initiatives against wastes like the garbage segregation scheme, segregated garbage collection, and the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) program in the barangays.

Other than the support from the business sector, the Solid Waste Management Office will also seek the active participation and cooperation of the schools, churches, and barangay officials in the implementation of the Happy Go Linig project.

The project, which will be undertaken by way of ridding the streets of plastics and other residual waste including cigarette butts and Styrofoam that clog drainage system, will be launched in the second week of July, this year.

Engr. Joel Martin, SWMO chief, said the city government is mulling over the idea of “buying the waste from public elementary and secondary schools with rice or school supplies” if only to ensure that the project’s objective will be met.

He said barangay halls will serve as redemption centers where students can receive rice or school supplies in exchange for their collected Styrofoam, cigarette butts, multi-layered plastics, and old tarpaulins.

Martin said they are now holding negotiations with the owners of a cement plant in Albay where the city government is planning to transport the waste plastics as fire material.  He said plastics carry a high heating value than firewood.

Pilimania EXTREME Plant Run

Pilimania goes EXTREME in 2012

In the first year anniversary of the widest and most-acclaimed tree-nurturing program in Naga, Pilimania which coincides with Naga City’s 64th Charter Anniversary, the program’s Executive Committee spearheaded by Mrs. Farah R. Bongat, has announced that it has reached the 20,000 mark in its quest for invigorating the city with live Pili trees as part of the GrEET (Greening, Environment, Entrepreneurship and Tourism), a flagship program of the City Government under the leadership of City Mayor John G. Bongat.

As the program takes off from the gains of last year’s debut, city officials, organizers, individual volunteers, government and non-government organizations will join hands on June 15 and 16 to continue to nurture and plant more Pili trees in the city’s agricultural and residential zones, and in Protected Pili Green Spots dotting the city’s 27 barangays. This is in pursuit of the program’s vision to plant at least 30,000 live pili trees in the city by the end of December 2012.

Pilimania EXTREME line-up of activities kicks off June 13 through a motorcade around the main thoroughfares of the city. On the same day, the City Charter Fair that showcases the finest products from local entrepreneurs will be opened to the public. Fora on The Pilinut Advantage will be conducted at the Metro PESO Micro-Business Center on June 15. The first year of the Pilimania Extreme Plant Run, a fun-run for a cause, jumpstarts 5 a.m. of June 17 at the Naga City Coliseum grounds. On the same venue, the Pilimania Extreme Hataw Exercises to be led by The Biggest Loser Big Winner Larry Martin will spruce up the Sports Fair to be participated by various sports organizations in the city.

A groundbreaking ceremony for the Pilimania Theme park at the coliseum takes place as organizers push for the sustainable development of the Pili industry, as an integral part of the city’s tourism and enterprise development program. In the eve of June 17, the Pilimania Extreme Jam Concert and Beer Plaza takes center stage at the Naga City Coliseum grounds giving tribute to the thousands of volunteers contributing to the success of the program.

Pilimania Extreme this year banners the theme Greening is Thrilling! as it introduces a brand new concept of environmentally sound activities that is more fun, energizing and memorable.

For more information, kindly contact:

MIKE D. RICO, Pilimania Project Officer

FARAH R. BONGAT, R.N., Pilimania Chairperson

Tel. Nos. 473-8274/811-3961/0949-3763810
or add us at facebook: pilimania@yahoo.com