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Arts and Culture

Ika-3 Saringsing Writers Workshop: Pangapodan nin mga aplikasyon

Bicol Mail

Bilang pagselebrar kan Bulan nin Pambansang Sining, an Parasurat Bikolnon Inc., sa pakikipagtabangan kan Arts, Culture and Tourism Office (ACTO) kan Lokal na Gobyerno kan Syudad nin Naga, mapadrino kan Ika-3 Saringsing Writers Workshop na gigibohon sa Naga City Youth Center sa Syudad nin Naga poon Pebrero 22-24, 2013.

Bukas an workshop/hunglonan sa pagsurat sa mga residente kan Metro Naga asin Camarines Sur. Tanganing makabali, an mga aplikante kaipohan na magpadara nin limang orihinal asin dai pa naipupublikar na rawitdawit/rawitdawit pan-akì; o sarong halìpot na usipon/usipon na pan-akì sa tataramon na Bikol Sentral (Naga o Partido) o sa Rinconada Bikol (Iriga asin iba pa). An mga obra kaipohan nakasurat sa kompyuter sa 8 x 11 papel, kalakip an surat nin aplikasyon asin bio-data kaiba an halipot na agi-agi nin pagsurat kan aplikante. An mga halìpot na usipon/usipon pan-akì kaipohan dai maglawig sa 12 pahina, nakadobleng espasyo, 12 font, Times New Roman.

Kaglimang (15) partisipante an pipilion halì sa mga aplikante asin libreng makakabali sa tulong aldaw na programa kan workshop/hunglonan sa pagsurat na igwa nin libreng dagosan asin pagkakan.

Ipapadara an rekisitos bàgo an Pebrero 15, 2013 sa IKA-3 SARINGSING WRITERS WORKSHOP: HUNGLONAN NIN PARASURAT BIKOLNON c/o Jerome M. Hipolito, San Roque, Calabanga, Camarines Sur, o sa dagosan nin e-koreo na saringsingworkshop@yahoo.com. Para sa mga kahapotan, magsurat sa e-koreo o apodan an 09166459833.

Llana and Cordero to talk on Bikol Literature in Ateneo de Manila

Bicol Mail

Bikol writers and scholars Dr. Jazmin Badong Lllana of the De La Salle University in Manila and Kristian Sendon Cordero of Ateneo de Naga University will talk on issues concerning the state and development of Bikol literary writings. The forum, organized by the Union Writers of Philippines (UMPIL) and Ateneo Institute for Literary Arts and Practices (AILAP) and the Department of Filipino, Ateneo de Manila Univeristy will be held on January 28, 2013, at 4:30 PM at the Natividad Galang Fajardo Conference Room, Horacio de la Costa Bldg, Ateneo de Manila University. Award-winning poet and translator Marne Kilates will serve as the moderator. The public is invited to attend. For more details please contact Dr. Michael M. Coroza, Secretary General, UMPIL,  mcoroza@ateneo.edu or Bb. Eva Garcia Cadiz  gondour03@yahoo.com.

Two Naga yuppies represent PH in ASEAN-Japan event

Two young professionals from Naga City represented the Philippines as cultural ambassadors in the Japanese Government-sponsored Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP), October 24 to December 14 last year.

Rodolfo SB. Virtus Jr. and Apple Allison B. Perez were selected by the National Youth Commission (NYC) because of their community and work leadership experiences and advocacies. Virtus works as Deputy Director of Student Affairs at the Ateneo de Naga University and facilitates an anti-corruption training in the province. Last year, he received the Mayoral Award for Community Youth Leadership. Perez, on the other hand, is the Brand Manager of Avenue Plaza Hotel and part-time Media Studies teacher. She handles leadership and team building processes, and organizes special events.

Now on its 39th year, the said diplomatic and cultural exchange program was sponsored by the Cabinet Office of the Japanese Government and supported by ASEAN. The NYC, with the SSEAYP international Philippines, facilitated the 29-member Philippine delegation’s orientation and training in diplomatic affairs, culture and arts, among others.

On board Japanese liner Fuji Maru, the Philippine contingent joined their counterparts from ASEAN members and Japan for the 53-day cruise and country program. They stopped by six countries: Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei, where they experienced courtesy calls with government officials, among them the Prime Minister of Japan, institutional visits, and homestay/immersion.

On board the youth ambassadors had various activities like team building, sports and recreation, showcasing of certain traditions and other interactions. But the core of the program was the small group discussion of local and global youth issues. At the end, the discussion groups came up with plans for post-program collaboration. But even before the end of the program, the entire SSEAYP delegation had carried out a fundraising project for the Yellow Boat Foundation in the Philippines. About P48,000 was collected out of the loose change (sukli) of different currencies that the youth delegates saved during the program. The project was a response to the Philippine contingent’s presentation of the Yellow Boat of Hope, which showed the struggles of children who risk swimming just to reach school. According to the SSEAYP administration said that it was the first time in SSEAYP’s history that an entire delegation implemented a project onboard.

To complement this breakthrough project, the Filipino delegates shall implement in 2013 activities that would improve the quality of education in the area where the boat shall be donated. They shall raise educational materials and conduct capacity-building activities for teachers and students.

Further, the Filipino ambassadors showcased Filipino traditional dances, songs, martial arts and games onboard and in the port-of-call presentations. Virtus, who led the delegation’s choir in singing the nationalistic song Bayan Ko and Ako ay Pilipino during the delegation’s cultural night, described his performance as one of his proudest moments as a Filipino.