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Arts and Culture

Jumels presents Angels on its 33rd year

Bicol Mail

JUMELS Learning Center has come a long way in opening new avenues for its pupils while developing them with Christian values that are marks of true JUMELITES.

This development is holistic, allowing the expression and display of innate creative potentials of the pupils and making them experience the various forms of discipline in the performing arts, baring early recognition of what they wish to do or what they want to be in the future.

Its initial staging of “The Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings,” was followed by 28 other musical productions, with the participation of some parents – an affirmation of their full support to their young.

An annual operetta has thus become a JUMELITE tradition which continues to awe little children and inspire parents to send their children to JUMELS Learning Center if only to experience this rare and fairy-laden opportunity.

Lending support to JUMELS all through these years is the University of Nueva Caceres Glee Club and of one time the La Crème, all for the love of children to whom JUMELS is truly indebted.

As JUMELS celebrates its 33rd Founding Year, tradition dictates that another musical be mounted – thus, The ANGELS – a play in two-acts shall hit the stage to reflect the plight of street children and the angel whose life in heaven seems not to be joyful.

Performances are slated on February 15 (student night) at 6 pm and February 16 (Gala night) at 7 pm at the Main Hall of the Basilica Minore in Balatas, City of Naga.

Ika-3 Saringsing Writers Workshop: Pangapodan nin mga aplikasyon

Bicol Mail

Bilang pagselebrar kan Bulan nin Pambansang Sining, an Parasurat Bikolnon Inc., sa pakikipagtabangan kan Arts, Culture and Tourism Office (ACTO) kan Lokal na Gobyerno kan Syudad nin Naga, mapadrino kan Ika-3 Saringsing Writers Workshop na gigibohon sa Naga City Youth Center sa Syudad nin Naga poon Pebrero 22-24, 2013.

Bukas an workshop/hunglonan sa pagsurat sa mga residente kan Metro Naga asin Camarines Sur. Tanganing makabali, an mga aplikante kaipohan na magpadara nin limang orihinal asin dai pa naipupublikar na rawitdawit/rawitdawit pan-akì; o sarong halìpot na usipon/usipon na pan-akì sa tataramon na Bikol Sentral (Naga o Partido) o sa Rinconada Bikol (Iriga asin iba pa). An mga obra kaipohan nakasurat sa kompyuter sa 8 x 11 papel, kalakip an surat nin aplikasyon asin bio-data kaiba an halipot na agi-agi nin pagsurat kan aplikante. An mga halìpot na usipon/usipon pan-akì kaipohan dai maglawig sa 12 pahina, nakadobleng espasyo, 12 font, Times New Roman.

Kaglimang (15) partisipante an pipilion halì sa mga aplikante asin libreng makakabali sa tulong aldaw na programa kan workshop/hunglonan sa pagsurat na igwa nin libreng dagosan asin pagkakan.

Ipapadara an rekisitos bàgo an Pebrero 15, 2013 sa IKA-3 SARINGSING WRITERS WORKSHOP: HUNGLONAN NIN PARASURAT BIKOLNON c/o Jerome M. Hipolito, San Roque, Calabanga, Camarines Sur, o sa dagosan nin e-koreo na saringsingworkshop@yahoo.com. Para sa mga kahapotan, magsurat sa e-koreo o apodan an 09166459833.

Llana and Cordero to talk on Bikol Literature in Ateneo de Manila

Bicol Mail

Bikol writers and scholars Dr. Jazmin Badong Lllana of the De La Salle University in Manila and Kristian Sendon Cordero of Ateneo de Naga University will talk on issues concerning the state and development of Bikol literary writings. The forum, organized by the Union Writers of Philippines (UMPIL) and Ateneo Institute for Literary Arts and Practices (AILAP) and the Department of Filipino, Ateneo de Manila Univeristy will be held on January 28, 2013, at 4:30 PM at the Natividad Galang Fajardo Conference Room, Horacio de la Costa Bldg, Ateneo de Manila University. Award-winning poet and translator Marne Kilates will serve as the moderator. The public is invited to attend. For more details please contact Dr. Michael M. Coroza, Secretary General, UMPIL,  mcoroza@ateneo.edu or Bb. Eva Garcia Cadiz  gondour03@yahoo.com.