Features & Amenities
A house is not a home, unless of course it’s in Naga. With some 80 housing communities to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect home for you and your family.
Getting Around
Naga City's road network has a total length of 177.345 kilometers, of which, 34.45 kilometers are classified as national, 111.87 kilometers are city roads, and 31.025 kilometers are subdivision roads.
Schools & Education
One of the foremost goals of the city leadership is a quality elementary and secondary education. Naga City has taken this step further by introducing the city’s SEED or Educare system.
Programs & Services
As a resident of Naga, you’ll get to enjoy peace of mind with our city as the undisputed center for health services in the region. With 636 doctors, at least 102 medical clinics, 5 hospitals, and 3 health centers to attend to your family’s health, Naga has everything you need to enjoy a healthy lifetime.