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Should corporal punishment be banned at home and in school?

This forum aims to face common issues on whether or not corporal punishment should be prohibited in schools and in homes. A proposed local ordinance titled “Promoting positive and non-violent forms of discipline of children, prohibiting corporal punishment and all forms of degrading and humiliating punishment of children and providing penalties thereof” authored by Honorable Councilor/s Ray-Ann Cedric G. Rentoy, Cecilia V. de Asis, and Dan Paolo R. Morales has been initially presented to the public last Tuesday, 19 June 2012 at the Naga City People’s Hall which immediately created mixed reactions.

Click here to view/download/print the proposed ordinance.  Similar laws such as the approved House Bill 4455 and the pending  Senate Bill 1812 can serve as reference materials to the proposed ordinance.

Aware of the significance of this issue, we are inviting everyone to an intelligent debate and free flow of opinion and sentiments from concerned faculty members, school administrators, parents, and all stakeholders in the community.

Through this forum your voices are given an opportunity to be heard and considered especially by our concerned city officials and policy makers who are crafting the said ordinances.

Should plastic bags be banned in Naga?

The Total Plastic Ban Act of 2011( Senate Bill 2759 ) expects a phase out of non-biodegradable plastic bags within 3 years.  Similarly, HB 4840 strategies include the following measures: (1) Stores are mandated to implement an in-store recovery program in which the customers can return the plastic bags they had used; (2)  Bags must have a logo showing that they are biodegradable, with a printed note saying “Please return to any store for recycling”;  (3)  All business establishments shall have their own plastic bag recovery bins, which shall be visible and accessible to the customers;  (4)  Local government units (LGUs) are tasked to collect, recycle and dispose of all plastic bags recovered by the stores.

The city government has started its campaign and has drafted an Ordinance on prohibiting and regulating the use of plastic bags.  The more appropriate question now  is “Will the LGU’s effort to reduce plastic bag distribution in the city realize its objectives?”

Let’s discuss it, say YES because (express your opinion) or NO because (express your opinion).

Which barangay in Naga City you think is cleanest? Which is dirtiest?

Which barangay in Naga City you think is cleanest? Which is dirtiest?