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Should plastic bags be banned in Naga?

The Total Plastic Ban Act of 2011( Senate Bill 2759 ) expects a phase out of non-biodegradable plastic bags within 3 years.  Similarly, HB 4840 strategies include the following measures: (1) Stores are mandated to implement an in-store recovery program in which the customers can return the plastic bags they had used; (2)  Bags must have a logo showing that they are biodegradable, with a printed note saying “Please return to any store for recycling”;  (3)  All business establishments shall have their own plastic bag recovery bins, which shall be visible and accessible to the customers;  (4)  Local government units (LGUs) are tasked to collect, recycle and dispose of all plastic bags recovered by the stores.

The city government has started its campaign and has drafted an Ordinance on prohibiting and regulating the use of plastic bags.  The more appropriate question now  is “Will the LGU’s effort to reduce plastic bag distribution in the city realize its objectives?”

Let’s discuss it, say YES because (express your opinion) or NO because (express your opinion).

6 Responses to Should plastic bags be banned in Naga?

  1. Mel Mabeza says:

    Dear Ma’am,

    You can’t escape the world of plastic. Are we going to use paper from trees, where you used water, etc.?
    Plastic will be with us forever. What we need is proper disposal of plastic.
    However, what you should propose is the the use of bio-degradable plastic.
    Huli ka po sa panahon. There are plastic which are biodegradable.
    Some plastics now are combined with corn ingredients.
    Balik ba tayo sa panahon na nakabalot sa diaryo ang isda or karne?
    Kaplastikan na yan Ma’am.

    Be updated. Introduce the use of bio-degradable plastic items in Naga City.
    You create a new industry. Cutleries in fast foods are plastics, ipagbabawal mo? They are now component made of biodegradable.
    Isip ka ng ways how to dispose styrofoam or re-cycling, hindi yun ipagbabawal mo.
    That is simple late ka sa news or sumasakay ka lang sa uso.
    Be original. Bawal po magalit :)

  2. Taga Bulod says:

    When I was a kid 20 – 30 years ago bayong was a pre-requisite in my mother’s marketing subject :) but the advent of department stores and malls changes all that, and enterprising Pinoys came up with their own (incredibly) cheap version – the ultra thin sando bags. Since we never really look far ahead and patronize (even revere) for what is convenient to us – one example in-thing now are mobile devices, how fast they morph equate to how fast our dumps accumulate.

    For manufacturers with zero conscience everything is business, we were never told then that plastic takes 1,000 years to disintegrate!

    Is there a solution to the plastic problem? It has become a part of everything we do and need. Would RECYCLING really be enough? Least we’re trying. Are we DISCIPLINE enough? Or let the next generation fix this problem? What INCENTIVE does the government willing to exhaust in making malls and shoppers compliant with the ordinance? Or how CONSISTENT are they in implementing it including fines and penalties?

    We can never ban plastic, the more appropriate approach is a STAND to reduce it. Are (we) Nagueños up to it?

    • Gerald says:

      its all been discussed at the public hearing last February 17, and all the comments including the biodegradable plastics and the alternative materials are being acted upon in the revision of the propose ordinance. You should also come for the 2nd round of public hearing. when?call the city hall..

  3. Juan Carlos R. Madrid says:

    It is a very good ordinance because plastic is prohibited and people can go back to the old days and the old living. Long Live Naga City!

    Truly Naga can SMILE to the World without Plastic :)

  4. Karl Llorin says:

    Go Naga! No to Plastic!

  5. Zarah says:

    I think this is a great ordinance. Bio-degradable and recyclable plastic is one thing, but they are plastic nevertheless. It stays forever. We cannot 100% prohibit individuals from using plastic but we can certainly prohibit establishments from using it. I am a big proponent of the “re-use, reduce and recycle” and I can personally attest that it inevitable to use plastic. It is everywhere. Here in the US, organic, pro-environment establishments such as Wholefoods, Trader Joe’s started using only paper bags years back. Individual patrons of these grocery stores were subconsciously influenced by this change. It is a really good start. It is just a matter of educating the people through various media about the benefits of doing so and providing alternative that is convenient for the users. Good luck and I hope this ordinance succeeds.