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Should corporal punishment be banned at home and in school?

This forum aims to face common issues on whether or not corporal punishment should be prohibited in schools and in homes. A proposed local ordinance titled “Promoting positive and non-violent forms of discipline of children, prohibiting corporal punishment and all forms of degrading and humiliating punishment of children and providing penalties thereof” authored by Honorable Councilor/s Ray-Ann Cedric G. Rentoy, Cecilia V. de Asis, and Dan Paolo R. Morales has been initially presented to the public last Tuesday, 19 June 2012 at the Naga City People’s Hall which immediately created mixed reactions.

Click here to view/download/print the proposed ordinance.  Similar laws such as the approved House Bill 4455 and the pending  Senate Bill 1812 can serve as reference materials to the proposed ordinance.

Aware of the significance of this issue, we are inviting everyone to an intelligent debate and free flow of opinion and sentiments from concerned faculty members, school administrators, parents, and all stakeholders in the community.

Through this forum your voices are given an opportunity to be heard and considered especially by our concerned city officials and policy makers who are crafting the said ordinances.

One Response to Should corporal punishment be banned at home and in school?

  1. Taga Naga says:

    If corporal punishment will be totally banned is the (government) ready for it? Cases like bullying at schools, even elders now (the recent Karen Huff Klein story) are being bullied by young kids!
    Spree shooting to get even! Even the highly advanced and rich nations such as U.S. has difficulty in stopping it. When should a teacher needs to be physical especially in a very big class setting like ours? Imagine the stress specifically the poorly resourced schools.

    I have also been subjected to corporal punishments by my parents during my teen years to learn good morals and right conduct. I am sure most of Baby Boomers and X-Y generations in some form experienced this but have we gone astray or did it help us became a better person?

    Has our society changed (for good) that the next generations be exempted from one? A study by Elon University professor Janna Quitney Anderson in 2012 described that people born between the early 2000s and the 2020s whose lives have been influenced by easy access to people and the world’s knowledge through the Internet will be nimble, quick-acting multitaskers who count on the Internet as their external brain; they also predicted that this generation will exhibit a thirst for instant gratification and quick fixes, a loss of patience and a lack of deep-thinking ability. This is a survey made by 1,000 experts for the Pew Research Center Internet & American Life Project.

    Those who abused must have a corresponding punishment. Make a law that bites or scare the living s$%! and not community service – this will just spice up their colorful life!

    Sorry, my feedback are questions, mainly because what I am seeing are very little information and solutions (even the approved HB 4455 which the ordinance was patterned) with no sufficient research made and foresight. The 2% funding appropriation means nothing if it will be just like those unimplemented ordinances.

    I am not against banning corporal punishment but the presented solutions are not enough.