Securing Alteration Permit (AP)for Subdivision Project

Securing Alteration Permit (AP) for Subdivision Project ABOUT THE SERVICE All subdivision developers are required to secure Alteration Permit (AP) if changes will be made in the approved development plans. REQUIREMENT(S)

  • Plan showing the proposed alteration duly signed and sealed by a Licensed Architect/Engineer
  • Letter of Intent stating the proposed/reason for the proposed alteration/conversion
  • Sworn Statement that the affected lots/units for alteration have not been sold
  • Minutes of the General Assembly of buyers/homeowners for purposes of discussing the proposed alteration of plan, and the written conformity of the duly organized homeowners association or in the absence thereof, majority of the lot/unit buyers
  • Certified true copy of title (s) of the affected lots/units if the said lots/units have been titled


Projects under PD 957 Alteration of Plan (affected areas only) Additional Fee on Floor Area of houses and building sold with lot Inspection Fee P 2,000.00/ha. regardless of density P 2.00/sq.m. P 1,000.00/ha. regardless of density
Projects under BP 220 Alteration of Plan (affected areas only)Alteration of Plan (affected areas only) Processing Fee:

  1. Socialized Housing
  2. Economic Housing

Inspection Fee:

  1. Socialized Housing
  2. Economic Housing
P 500.00/ha. P 1,000.00/ha P 200.00/ha P 500.00/ha.
INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL SUBDIVISION Alteration of Plan (affected areas only) Inspection Fee P 5,000.00/ha. P 1,000.00/ha
FARMLOT SUBDIVISION Alteration of Plan (affected areas only) Inspection Fee P 1,000.00/ha. P 5,000.00/ha.
MEMORIAL PARK/CEMETERY PROJECT/COLUMBARIUM Alteration of Plan (affected areas only)

    1. Memorial Projects
    2. Cemeteries
    3. Columbarium

Inspection Fee

    1. Memorial Projects
    2. Cemeteries
    3. Columbarium
P 2.00/ha. P 1.00/ha. P 4.00/sq.m. of Gross Floor Area P 1,000.00/ha. P 500.00/ha. P12.00/sq.m. of Gross Floor Area

UPLC Legal Research Fee – Computation of Legal Research Fee for the University of the Philippines Law Center (UPLC) remains at One Percent (1%) of every charged but shall in No Case Be Lower than P10.00 HOW TO AVAIL OF THE SERVICE

1. Submission of Request Letter Submit letter-request together with complete requirements

30 minutes

WILFREDO B. PRILLES, JR. City Planning and Development Coordinator

JOB B. OLIVA Statistician II

ODILIO G. NATE Project Development Officer I

2. Review and Evaluation Zoning personnel conducts review, site visits and complete evaluation of application.

Maximum of 5 days

3. Submission of consolidated evaluation report to SP and members of Land Use Committee

30 minutes

4. Issuance of Certificate After SP approval, DP Certificate will be issued to be signed by CPDO Chief, Land Use Chairman and City Mayor

1 day


2F, Left Wing, Main Building, J. Miranda Avenue, Concepcion Pequeña, Naga City
For more information, please contact:
Wilfredo B. Prilles, Jr., City Planning & Development Coordinator