Emergency Rescue


The Naga City Rescue is aimed at providing appropriate solutions through an integrated quick response system and fast delivery of emergency medical services to all sectors of the population on a 24-hour basis during any given emergency situation, natural on man-made and thereby help make a difference in saving life and property. It is anchored on multi-agency cooperation and coordination for resource complementation and interdisciplinary approach in sharing professional expertise. It intends to maximize people’s participation through involvement of non-government, civic and people’s organizations and volunteers and become useful and pro-active citizens in the community


Naga City Rescue responds to 2 emergency categories:

  • MEDICAL EMERGENCIES – this involves the usual medical emergencies from domestic traumas/accidents and sudden attacks of illnesses which involves a manageable number of victim within the capability of EMS and ambulance service to maximize and conserve resources they may or may not request assistance from its auxiliary services to assist them depending on the assessment of the team leader.
  • RESCUE/EXTRICATION – The BMC, PSO, BFP and PNP as part of its services will respond to provide additional manpower and resources, maintain peace and order and traffic management especially during hi-way accidents, to ensure that efficient care can be given to the victims. It is during this type of emergency that incident command system will be followed to put order and fluidity of operation among different responding groups. Among others, fire conflagration, water rescue, High Angle, mountain SAR is among those considered to be heavy and needs additional manpower.


Naga City Rescue responds to calls made through the following:
–> Hotline 472-3000/ 146-3000/ 148-650
–> VHF Radio 147.90 MHZ

–> 5-7 minutes – within the city proper
–> Within 25 minutes – for the city’s farthest mountain barangays

City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office
2/F SDC Building, City Hall Complex, J Miranda Ave., Naga City
For more information, please contact:
Ernesto T. Elcamel, LDRRMO IV
Tel. Nos. (054) 472-0621
E-mail: nengi@naga.gov.ph