Naga River Revitalization Project

  • Naga City is a City with a rapidly growing population, increasing from 160,516 in 2007 to over 170,000 today and with a daily transient population boosting its day-time population to over 200,000. The economy of Naga City is heavily dependent on tourism and is a major pilgrimage site, with the famous Peñafrancia river procession held each September. The river, therefore, is seen as being the heart of the city.
  • A project meant to revitalize the Naga River, a major waterway bisecting the city center. It has 3 major components: a) physical rehabilitation of a 1.5 km. stretch through the development of green river walks on both banks; b) construction and operation of a wastewater treatment facility; and c) a greenway development covering a citywide network of public corridors that will interconnect the historic city center, CBD-II and government and educational facilities.
  • Download PowerPoint presentation of Mayor John G. Bongat: