Millennium Development Goal (Naga City Progress Chart)

The Millennium Declaration, adopted by all 189 United Nations Member States in 2000, promised a better world with less poverty, hunger and disease; a world in which mothers and children have a greater chance of surviving and of receiving an education, and where women and girls have the same opportunities as men and boys. It promised a healthier environment and greater cooperation—a world in which developed and developing countries work in partnership for the betterment of all. The declaration established eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and time-bound targets by which progress can be measured.

With the 2015 deadline looming, how much progress has been made? And is the pace of progress sufficient to achieve the goals? The MDGs break down into 21 quantifiable targets that are measured by 60 indicators. This chart presents an assessment of progress based on selected indicators. Trends and levels are assessed on the basis of information available as of May 2012.
Reduce extreme poverty by half Low poverty
Productive and decent employment Moderate deficit in decent work
Reduce hunger by half Low hunger
Universal primary schooling High enrolment
Equal girls’ enrolment in primary schools Close to parity
Women’s share of paid employment Medium share
Women’s equal representation in city council Moderate representation
Reduce mortality of under five-year-olds by two thirds Low Mortality
Reduce maternal mortality by three quarters Low Mortality
Access to reproductive health High access
Halt and begin to reverse the spread of HIV / AIDS Low incidence
Halt and reverse spread of tuberculosis Low Mortality
Reverse loss of forests Low forest cover
Halve proportion of population without improved drinking water High coverage
Halve proportion of population without sanitation High coverage
Improve the lives of slum dwellers High proportion of slum-dwellers
Internet users High usage

The progress chart operates on two levels. The words in each box indicate the present degree of compliance with the target. The colours show progress towards the target according to the legend below:

Target already met or expected to be met by 2015.
Progress insufficient to reach the target if prevailing  trends persist.
No progress or deterioration.
Missing or insufficient data.
* Red colour refers to insufficient progress (i.e. MMR has declined less than 2 per cent annually).
Rating from CPDO