Job Opportunities Bulletin 2012


1. To encourage clients to avail of Metro PESO’s referral services by matching clients’ qualification vis-a-vis existing Job Vacancies.
2. To keep track of clients’ availing our services.
3. Some companies require us to pre-screen applicants’ qualifications before referral to them.
(please follow our Guide for Applicants stated below.)


Metro PESO provides employment assistance to job seekers through referral. Career guidance and counseling is also offered to assist the applicants in going about the recruitment process in different companies. The office offers interview tips and guides on writing resume or application letters, among others. It also assists clients in choosing the position/job that will match their abilities and interests.


1. Curriculum Vitae/Resume with 2″ x 2″ picture
2. Transcript of Records or graduation certificate (Form 138, for high school graduates)
3. NBI Clearance (valid for 1 year) or Police Clearance (valid for 6 months) or Barangay Clearance
4. Extra picture, preferably 1″ x 1″
5. Training Certificates, if available
6. Employment Certificate, if available.


1. SUBMIT REQUIREMENTS (Applicant submits the above requirements to the Community Employment Center staff.)
2. FILL-UP SKILLS REGISTRY FORM (Applicant fill up the Skills Registry Form in a clear, legible manner. Make sure to indicate a contact number. If applicant does not have a telephone, provide a contact number and name of the person who can accept the call for you.) Click here to download SRS Registration Form.pdf – 68KB
3. JOB OPPORTUNITIES BULLETIN SERIES (JOBS) – Applicant chooses 1 or 2 positions from the Job Opportunities Bulletin Series (JOBS), a list of current vacancies are posted on the CEC bulletin board. New vacancies are also posted in this site every Monday.
4. ONE-ON-ONE INTERVIEW (Applicant undergoes an interview with a Metro PESO CEC Staff. Career Counseling is also available.)
5. ISSUANCE OF REFERRAL LETTER (Applicant waits for the referral letter(s). While waiting, the applicant can read the Employability Enhancement articles posted on the CEC bulletin board, to help him in job hunting.)
6. APPLICATION WITH THE EMPLOYER (Applicant proceeds to the company he/she is referred to.
Applicant attaches the referral letter to his curriculum vitae and other documents. One set of documents is required per referral. Applicant will need to follow-up his application.)
7. SUCCEEDING REFERRALS (Applicant must remember his application number (written on the upper corner of the data card) and the date of submission of requirements. This information is needed for the applicant’s next referral. During the succeeding referrals, applicant fills up a Referral Form and undergoes another interview with a CEC Employment Officer.)
8. RENEWAL OF APPLICANT’S SKILLS REGISTRY (Applicant may renew his data after 6 months, if he still wants to avail of the referral service. A new set of requirements is required.)
9. UPDATING OF JOB VACANCIES (The list of Job Vacancies is updated every Monday.
Applicant may come back on the next Monday to request for another referral letter. An applicant must follow up his/her previous application(s) before requesting for another referral from Metro PESO.)

Metro Public Employment and Service Office
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Tel. (054) 8118231