The 10th Sangguniang Panlungsod


Commitment to public service knows no boundaries. That is one of the standards that top notch City councillor Cecilia B. Veluz-de Asis puts into practice to ensure that her actions will not be hampered or get derailed by things she regards as inconsequential. She said, “Like any other government worker, I am duty-bound even beyond the eight-hour working time limit” to respond expeditiously to calls of public service.

In brief recollection, the Councilor said it was her parents who taught her the basics of public service. She said a public servant has to be accommodating and sincere at all times regardless of how big or small an action is being demanded to be carried out. Nene, as she is fondly called, began to learn the value and nobility of public service since her grade school years when her father, Silverio, was the town mayor of Del Gallego and when her mother, Lucy, succeeded him after he finished his term and became provincial board member.

Popularly hailed as “Kasurog kan Familia (Family Defender)”, Nene was first elected to the city council in 1998 where she earned the moniker “champion for the welfare of women and children, and strong family relations.” She finished her 3-year term in 2007 and was again overwhelmingly re-elected in 2010 under the Liberal Party, garnering the highest number of votes among the candidates who ran for the position.

Among her landmark legislative measures are the ordinances penalizing domestic violence and providing protective measurers therefore, creating the Naga City Council for Women, declaring every March 8 to March 14 of the year as Women’s Week, as well as an ordinance directing hospitals in Naga City to identify a Pink Crisis Center for Rape Victims, and a resolution that calls upon all barangays in the city to create a separate committees on Family and Women.

The councillor during his first term also worked for the approval of an ordinance implementing Foster Care for Abused Children. It was during that time that she began to spearhead the Bantay Family, an organization that assists women and children in crisis and works for the prevention of domestic violence. She also initiated the construction of the Naga City Women’s Crisis Center. As chairperson of the Naga City Bantay Family, Councilor de Asis envisions a bright future for every Nagueño family because of the city government’s campaign for strong family bond which she believes is the key to reduce the number of cases of domestic violence.

Councilor de Asis is currently the chairperson of the Committees on Appropriations and on Family, Women and gender Development. She co-chairs the Committees on Culture and the Arts / Tourism, People Empowerment, Human Rights, and Children.

Being the top notch councillor, de Asis takes over the functions of the Vice-Mayor in the latter’s absence.


A practicing lawyer who is on his second term as councilor of the City of Naga. As a member of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, he is chairman of the following committees: (1) Education, (2) Laws, Ordinances & Reorganization, and (3) Trade & Investment. He is co-chair of the Committees on (1) Appropriation, (2) Ways & Means, and (3) Agriculture. Likewise, he is member of the Committees on (1) Blue Ribbon, (2) Land Use, (3) Family & Women, (4) Urban Poor, (5) People Empowerment, (6) Peace & Order, (7) Environment & Energy, and (8) City Properties.

Atty. LEGACION is in the forefront of the city’s education program, being author of the QUEEN Ordinance, Summer Enhancement and Enrichment Program or SEEP Ordinance and, very recently, of the Naga’s Tertiary Scholarship Program Ordinance. The first seeks to ensure that all public school children in Naga City will be able to access and complete elementary and high school education; the second aims to help raise the level and quality of education in the city; and the third warrants the completion of poor but deserving students of their college education thereby realizing that modest objective of having at least one college graduate in every family in the city. Through the latter ordinance, the twenty seven (27) barangays of the city are likewise mandated to establish, as they had in fact already adopted, their own Barangay Tertiary Scholarship Program.

Prior to his election as city councilor, Atty. Legacion served as City Legal Officer from July 2001 to March 2007. As such he lawyered for the city and its officials. He prominently figured in defending the city of Naga and various offices in the ejectment suit involving them and successfully obtained from the Supreme Court a Restraining Order that thereby prevented claimants from taking over and obtaining possession of the city hall and other government offices.

Atty. LEGACION previously worked in SALIGAN, a legal resource non-government organization involved in providing legal services to the underprivileged and less fortunate members of the society. He also taught at the College Department of the Universidad de Sta. Isabel and in the College of Law of the University of Nueva Caceres.

He is an alumnus of St. Anthony Mary Claret College (formerly Claret Formation Center) in Quezon City where he completed his AB Philosophy and of the University of Nueva Caceres in Naga City where he finished his Bachelor of Laws. He is one of the latter’s Diamond Achievement Awardees.

Atty. LEGACION is married to Atty. Marion Eloisa Escueta-Legacion with whom he is blessed with four children, namely: Nathaniel Emil, Neal Emerson, Nadine Eina and Nepthali Eman.


Retired RTC Judge Esteban R. Abonal who is serving his seventh term as elected official (five terms as city councilor and 2 terms as vice mayor ) still wants to lengthen his 62 years in government service (including those years he worked as lowly janitor until he became RTC Judge) which he describes as “highly fulfilling.”

“Steve,” as his friends call him, includes in his legislative agenda the setting up of certain measures and policies to ensure that existing laws for senior citizens will effectively work for them.

Regarded to be a pillar of wisdom and dignity by his colleagues in Sanggunian, Councilor Abonal also seeks to implement approaches that will render speedy hearings and dispensation of actions with due process in all the administrative cases brought before the SP Committee on Blue Ribbon.

One of the official undertakings that Councilor Abonal is presently engaged in is overseeing and going over the proposed resolutions, ordinances, development programs, contracts and other transactions that pass through the Sanggunian.  This, in order to disallow or obstruct “any matter that is not in accordance with the law or not favorable to the best interest of the city”.

Abonal, who also chairs the SP Committee on Senior Citizens, is keeping a close watch on the dealings and associations of the elderly, World War II veterans, and persons with disability whom he is spending much time and support as among the priority concerns in his legislative agenda.


A second-term councilor, he chairs the Sanggunian Committees on Land Use, Environment & Energy, Ways & Means, and Persons with Disability. He co-chairs the committees on Health and Urban Poor Affairs, aside from membership in other various standing committees.

Among the key local ordinances that he authored are: the institutionalization of voluntary blood donation, the establishment of Persons with Disability Affairs Office, the increase in yearly budget allocation for PWDs and senior citizens, the regulation on junkshop operations, the time-bounded guidelines for the approval of housing subdivisions, and  a unique fund resource mobilization scheme.

An ardent advocate for voluntary blood donation, with himself a regular blood donor, he was designated as Executive Director of the city’s Blood Program and was elected to the Board of Directors of Philippine Red Cross – Camarines Sur Chapter.  He also sits as a member in the city’s Investment Board, Health Board, Housing Board, Solid Waste Management Board, Airshed Governing Board, and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council. He was invited by the HELP Learning Center, an NGO that caters to the needs of the mentally handicapped, to become one of its Trustees.

Prior to being elected as a City Councilor in 2007, he has 18 years of rich experiences in public service, purely in the executive department. In 1988, while a student leader of Ateneo, he was chosen as Youth Mayor of Naga City.

For his distinctive brand of service, he has been accorded national and regional/local awards and recognitions, among which are: “Dangal ng Bayan Award” by the Civil Service Commission, and the “Public Servant of the Year Award” by the Kilosbayan Foundation and the GMA-7 Foundation.

A polio survivor, he is an activist by heart. He likes poetry, music and extreme sports. Most people dearly call him “Nathan”.


When she was first elected as city councilor, her assumption to the office did not bring her jitters as she had been exposed to public service for almost 20 years when her husband Jun was Barangay Chairman and became an ex-oficio member of Sanggunian, until finally getting himself elected as a member of the city council.

Babet, as she prefers to be called, has always been by the side of her husband and always work together in the name of public service.

With her experience and competence, many expected her to deliver with maximum results the various tasks that have been entrusted to her at the Sanggunian.

During her initial term of service, one of her favorite committee chairpersonships was the committee on Family and Human Rights where she is chairperson. It seeks to protect the interest, as well as, uphold the integrity and well-being of every Nagueño and his  family.

The energy and dedication she channels to her duties catapulted her to her second term as Sanggunian member, as she vows to serve with greater determination to repay the overwhelming votes given her by the Nagueños.

This service to the welfare of Nagueño family Babete pledges to fulfill through her responsibility as chairperson of the Committee on Consumer Protection. She is also resolved to help uplift the productivity and learning capacity of the poor through her leadership of the Committee on Manpower and Livelihood. A world-class public market worthy of the Naga SMILES program of the city is also her vision for a dynamic shoppers’ facility, which she intends to achieve through her chairing of the Committee on Public Market Affairs.

Babet likewise complements these duties and shares her zeal for service through her participation in the committees on Energy, Land Use, Infrastructure, and Tourism, as a member. As if these were not enough, she is also the appointment head of the Naga City Price Coordinating Council.

No doubt, the Nagueño family’s economic well-being is in good hands at the legislative branch of the Naga City Government with Babet.


City Councilor Rentoy is the youngest elected councilor in the history of the Sangguniang Panlungsod ng Naga. A former Sangguniang Kabataan Federation President and Ex-officio member in the Sangguniang Panlungsod, the youthful councilor is a dynamic leader who achieved numerous programs and activities for his constituents in the SK.

He was a recipient of Gawad Kampeon sa Kabataang Pilipino given by the National Youth Commission.

As chairman of SP Committee on Children, his priority legislative measures are geared towards upholding the rights and welfare of the children including the youth, being the partner of the city government in its development goals most beneficial not only  to the youth sector but also to the entire constituency.

As Co-Chairman of the Committee on Education, he is aims to upgrade the quality of education of all educational institutions in the city, private or public. He wants to give every individual especially the youth the chance to enjoy their right to education and produce competitive young individuals. His co-authorship on the ordinance giving scholarship to college students is a concrete proof of his sincerity in promoting the youth’s welfare and benefits.

As Chairman of the Committee on People’s Empowerment, he seeks to create special programs that will involve the NGO’s and People’s organizations as partner in achieving progress and development. Above all, he commits to serve the public with excellence and honor.

He is presently studying at Ateneo de Naga University taking up Bachelor of Science in Legal Management.  He chairs the SP Committees on Children and People Empowerment and co-chairs the education committee.


Retired veteran police officer “Seling” Tuason who is now on his second term as city councilor (1995-1998, 2007-2010) considers the youth as one of his topmost concerns who “needs to be given proper care and attention” especially those who are deprived of education.

Councilor Tuason upholds youth concerns by supporting policies that promote and encourage youth participation and involvement in local governance by enhancing their capabilities that will enable them to participate actively in building the “Maogmang Naga.”

As chairman of the SP Committee on Peace and Order, Tuason is also at the forefront of institutionalizing landmark ordinances that encourage people’s direct participation in crime prevention and control by keeping the neighborhood crime watch group active.  He also heads the SP Committees on City Properties and Infrastructure.

Currently, he is the vice-chairman of the SP Committees on Consumer Protection, Environment and Energy, Games and Amusement, Persons with Disabilities and Senior Citizens.

Councilor Tuason also represents the Sangguniang Panlungsod in the People’s Law Enforcement Board (PLEB).  He is the president of the Association of Retired Law Enforcers (ARLE) and the Building Opportunities for Youth Success (BOYS), Inc.

As police officer then, Tuason rose from being a Patrolman to higher positions in the PNP until he retired from the service as deputy regional commander.


City Councilor Salvador M. del Castillo is both a lawyer and a certified public accountant.  Prior to his election as city councilor in 2004, he was the City Accountant from 1993 up to 2001.  On July 1998, he was designated as Acting City Administrator of the City of Naga until June 2001.

During his first few months as city councilor, “Badong” del Castillo set the groundwork for the codification of various revenue generating ordinances of the city from 1974 to 2004.  The undertaking has led to the passage of the landmark legislative measure otherwise known as Ordinance No. 2004-123.

It was during his first term that he authored several ordinances and resolutions like the Ordinance No. 2005-080, which mandates and regulates the numbering of residential, commercial and industrial establishments in the city.  He also authored Ordinance No. 2005-030, otherwise known as the Anti-Dangling Wire Ordinance.

He chaired the Sangguniang Panlungsod Committee on Laws, Ordinances and Reorganization and the Committee on Ways and Means in his first two terms as city councilor.

Included in his legislative accomplishments: the formulation of system and mechanism for the transfer of tricycle franchise, formulation of system/mechanism and qualifications/requirements for the transfer of the stalls at the Naga City Public Market, an ordinance requiring the installation of video camera/closed circuit television monitoring devices inside and outside banking institutions, gasoline stations and cellphone shops, along major thoroughfares and intersections in the city and the Revised Anti-Noise Ordinance.

City Councilor Del Castillo is now on his third consecutive term.  Presently, he is serving as chapter president of the Philippine Councilors League (PCL) in Naga City and as Chairman of the Special Audit Committee of the 9th National Congress of the Philippine Councilors League. He was also elected as Island Auditor for Highly Urbanized Cities and Independent Component City of the same league.


Among the “rookies” in the 10th Sangguniang Panlungsod is City Councilor Joaquin F. Perez Jr., a medical doctor who hails from the kinfolk of good leaders and bright public servants in Naga City.

Son of Dr. Joaquin Perez Sr. and former Vice Mayor Virginia Felipe-Perez, “Chito” ran in May 2010 local elections for the position of city councilor and won.  He is the Chairman of the Sangguniang Panlungsod Committee on Health.

Apart from issues concerning health, Chito, who is also a nephew of former Congressman and Comelec Commissioner Ramon H. Felipe Jr., involves himself in tourism development and other undertakings that will promote the city’s culture and arts of which the committees he both chairs in the Sangguniang Panlungsod.

He has been also linking up with private entities, government agencies and academic institutions in a bid to fortify the city’s program on trade industry and economic enterprises.

He worked as Relief Salesman at San Miguel Corporation in 1972 and Economist I at the Bureau of Agricultural Economics before earning his medical degree at the Bicol Christian College of Medicine in 1985.  He passed the licensure exams for physicians at the Philippine Regulation Commission in 1994.

He is happily married to Nemesia Sartorio with whom he has five children: Cynthia, Virginia, Joaquin III, Juan, and Jaime.


“Jackpot”. That’s what his constituents fondly call him.

City Councilor Raoul Rosales is far from being a neophyte in public service. Having been in politics for 16 years,Hon. Rosales is as determined as ever to deliver what Naguenos expect from their public servants.

Serving simultaneously as Barangay Kagawad of Barangay Balatas and Federation President of Kapisanan ng mga Sangguniang Barangay Kagawad in 1994-1997 exposed him to the pressing demands of public service. He immediately earned the trust and confidence of his constituents so much so that he eventually became the Punong Barangay of Balatas from 1997-2010 and Vice Chair of the Liga ng mga Barangay from 2007-2010, and for 13 years he faithfully served his beloved Barangay. His rich experience in managing the barangay affairs paved the way for him to finally cast his eyes on the more complex challenges of a higher elective post. In 2010 he was elected City Councilor.

He chairs the Committee on Public Utilities and Committee on Urban Poor Affairs in the Sangguniang Panlungsod. He continues to work hand in hand with the Dangerous Drug Board and promote the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council as the frontline body in the fight against illegal drugs.

He is an alumnus of the Philippine Aeronautical Technology School with a degree in BS Engineering. His first wife was the late Dr. Ravenna T. Rosales, a physician. He is father to five lovely children Raphael, Renzo, Regina Coeli, Rachelle and Raven Celline.  He married his second wife Vina Casao-Rosales in 2011. Vina is Executive Assistant and Admin Manager of Easy Pha-max Philippines, Inc.


Councilor ALEX C. NERO represents the city’s barangay sector in the Sangguniang Panlungsod having been elected president of the Liga ng mga Barangay of Naga mid December of 2010.

He now chairs the Committees on Barangay Affairs.

Nero’s earlier 6-year term as Barangay Kagawad and then his 8-year experience as Punong Barangay of Liboton which he holds until now have prepared him much for his present legislative responsibilities.

Among his noted achievements as Punong Barangay was his decisiveness for his barangay to become the first ever to complete and submitted the Barangay Citizen’s Charter in the entire Bicol Region if not in the entire country as required by R.A. No. 9485 otherwise known as the “Anti Red Tape Act 2007.”

He is married to Virginia I. Nero, the present Division Manager of the Metro Naga Water District (MNWD) with who he has 4 children; Shryl, Cecilie, Juan Paolo and Maureen Michelle.