Bid Bulletin/CRN 004947-2016-01

April 13, 2016

This Bid Bulletin No. 1 is issued to modify or amend items in the Bidding Documents. This shall form an integral part of the Bidding Documents.

Please take note of the following changes:

Name of Contract: Construction of the Wastewater Treatment Facility (Sequencing Batch Reactor) at the Naga City Abattoir, Bgy. Del Rosario
Contract Reference Number: 004947-2016-01

Please be informed of the following changes:

20.3 – Each Bidder shall submit three sets of Bid Documents, each set contained in a sealed envelope: one set of bids shall be original documents, the other two made of photocopies of the original documents. Each set in turn shall consist of two sealed envelopes, the first envelope containing the Eligibility and Technical documents, and the second envelope containing the Financial documents

28.2(b) – Bidders have option to submit manually filed tax returns or tax returns filed through the Electronic Filing and Payments System (EFPS).
NOTE: The latest income and business tax returns are those within the last six months preceding the date of bid submission.


1.22 – The Procuring Entity’s Representative is:
City Government of Naga
City Hall Compound, J. Miranda Avenue, Naga City
Mr. Florencio T. Mongoso, Jr., BAC Chairperson
Engr. Leon B. Palmiano IV, BAC Vice Chairperson
Telephone/Fax Number: 054-472-3235
Email address:

5.1 – The Procuring Entity shall give possession of all parts of the Site to the Contractor from receipt of Notice to Proceed.

31.1 – The Contractor shall submit the Program of Work to the Procuring Entity’s Representative upon delivery of the Letter of Acceptance.

31.3 – The period between Program of Work updates is _________ days. In lieu thereof, the Contractor may submit an accomplishment report for each major component of the Program of Work upon request for Progress Billing, if any

The amount to be withheld for late submission of an updated Program of Work is P _________.

For guidance and information of all concerned.

BAC Chairperson, PhilGEPS, Bulletin boards