Bid Bulletin/CRN 2016-016

March 31, 2016

This Bid Bulletin No. 1 is issued to modify or amend items in the Bidding Documents. This shall form an integral part of the Bidding Documents.

Please take note of the following changes:

Name of Contract: Supply and Delivery of Medical Materials for use at the Naga City Hospital
Contract Reference Number: 2016-016

Bidding for said project will be on a per-item basis, from Item Numbers 1 to 86.
Please be informed of the following changes:

Number by Item/Qty./Unit/Items/Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC)-by item

5/12/rolls/Cotton Rolls/P 1,572.00/400 grams
33/10/boxes/Disp. Needle g 25x15x8 (100 pcs./box)/P 1,742.40/G25 x 5/8
36/6/rolls/O.S. 2 ply 40”/P7,913.40/24×28
39/2/gals/Povidone Iodine7%/P 1,416.00/7.5%
47/3/bot/Spirit of Ammonia/P 1,651.80/In liters
49/75/boxes/Insulin Syringe (Ultrafine box) (100pcs/box)/P 61,998.75/1 ml.
59/3/liter/bot/Spirit of Amonia/P 1,501.65/CANCELLED (duplication of No. 49)
60/1/pc/Autoclave tape (3m) 2”/P 440.00/¾”
65/2/box/ID band tag (Pedia) (100pcs/box) 3,300.00/Color blue
66/3/box/ID band tag (Baby) (100pcs/box)/P 4,950.00/Color pink
77/1/box/Vicryl 4-0 24pcs/box (cutting)/P 290.00/1 piece, instead of 1 box

For guidance and information of all concerned.

BAC Chairperson

Download Bid Bulletin PDF document here.