Bid Bulletin/CRN 004947-2016-01

April 25, 2016

This Bid Bulletin No. 2 is issued to modify or amend items in the Bidding Documents. This shall form an integral part of the Bidding Documents for the following contract:

Name of Contract: Construction of the Wastewater Treatment Facility (Sequencing Batch Reactor) at the Naga City Abattoir, Bgy. Del Rosario

Please be informed of the following changes:

1. Section VI. Specifications:

Additional provisions under Specifications:

To ensure proper aeration, the tanks shall be installed with fine bubble diffusers with EPDM membrane, rated at 10 psi and 2-3 ppm of dissolved oxygen output, installed over the entire bed of the SBR and equalization tanks.

There should be redundancy in critical electro-mechanical equipment such that if one component fails, a back-up will take over to ensure continues operation of the SBR. As a minimum, redundancy shall apply to pumps for transferring the wastewater and compressor for the aerators.

2. Section VIII. Bill of Quantities

a. List under “Electromechanical equipment” in the Bill of Quantities the equipment that will be installed, brand name, model and relevant manufacturer’s specifications

b. Attach to the BOQ a drawing showing the location of the equipment, piping system and electrical system as installed in the SBR with an explanation of the biological/mechanical processes the influent will undergo from entry into the treatment facility until final discharge to the environment.

For guidance and information of all concerned.

BAC Chairperson