Bid Bulletin #2/CRN 2017-028

August 7, 2017

This Bid Bulletin No. 2 is issued to modify or amend items in the Bidding Documents. This shall form an integral part of the Bidding Documents.

Please take note of the following changes:

Name of Contract: Supply and Delivery of 2 units Ambulance for use of City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO) Naga City Rescue and Naga City Central Fire Station

Contract Reference Number: 2017-028


After further research regarding this procurement project, please be informed of the following changes in specifications:

2 units Ambulance
The ambulance vehicle should have the following minimum specifications:
Diesel engine displacement of from 2400 cc to 3000 cc, 16-valves and dual overhead camshaft (DOHC), common rail direct injection and turbocharged, 5 or 6-speed manual transmission, with a minimum horsepower of 120 ps at no more than 3400 rpm and a minimum torque of 300 Nm at no more than 3000 rpm, with seatbelt for driver and front passenger, with aircon vents at front and back, and a minimum LxWxH dimension of 4840 mm x 1695 mm x 2105 mm. Reference will be company-issued spec sheet. In addition, rear parking sensor and rear view mirror with rear camera should be installed. The vehicle brand should have a dealership and service center in Metro Naga.

Minimum medical fixtures and consumables shall be as follows: LED Top Light (red and blue) with public address system, 2-layer medical cabinet, fully collapsible stretcher with locking mechanism, oxygen tank with 20 lbs. content, oxygen tank regulator with gauge, wall mounted BP apparatus, first aid kit, ambubag combination for adult/pedia, minor surgical kit, overhead aluminum grab rail, marine plywood with non-slip matting, IV fluid hook on ceiling, stainless bumper approach for stretcher.

The ambulance should be white with standard ambulance markings at the front and back and additional markings as may be specified by the city government. Windshield and all glass windows shall be covered with very light tint.

For guidance and information of all concerned.

BAC Chairperson, PhilGEPS, Bulletin boards