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Protective Services

Public Safety Office

Complementing the existing protective service facilities in the city is the Public Safety Office which tackles traffic problems and other security concerns in the city. Closed Circuit Television (CCTVs) which are secretly installed throughout the city are closely monitored by this office. It’s head, Mr. Joselito SA. Del Rosario was awarded in PNP’s 19 th Anniversary as one of the five Outstanding Civilian Partners in Bicolandia.

Backed by 26 volunteers and 50 police aides, the PSO has bullishly implemented the Wheel Clamping Ordinance in an attempt to curb illegal parking and thus decongest the city’s perennial traffic problems.


Manpower. The 218-strong Naga City Police Office handles the daily peace and order situation of the city. Thus, measured against the national standard of 1 policeman for every 500 population, the city’s policeman-population ratio is relatively inadequate.

Protective services in Naga, though, is further enhanced by the presence of 50 police aides hired by the city government, 26 volunteers and 24 private security agencies.

Equipment. The local police force has the following facilities and equipment at its disposal in maintaining peace and order and containing criminality in the city: two finger-printing equipment; one intra-station radiocomsystem; five police vehicles/vans; six motorcycles and assorted PNP-issued firearms.

Sub-stations. For shorter, effective response time in case of emergency, two sub-stations and four police assistance centers were established in different strategic places. These stations are located in corner Panganiban Drive and Magsaysay Avenue and Barlin street. PACs are located in Pe├▒afrancia Avenue, Tabuco, Cararayan and Carolina .

Crime volume. The local police force’s effectiveness in containing criminality is indicated in the decreasing incidence of crime committed within the city. In 2009, police records show 963 criminal offenses were committed as against the 2008 commission of 1,452 offenses—a 34 percent decrease.


Fire protection services in Naga are provided mainly by the local branch of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) which falls under the operational control and supervision of the BFP Regional Office. As of 2009, the local fire-fighting force is composed of 108 personnel. The BFP unit is complemented by volunteers from the Progressive Mason Club (Chin Po Tong) Fire Brigade and Naga White. Compared to the ideal standard of 1 fireman is to 2,000 population, the present fire-fighting force is inadequate.

Equipment. Facilities and equipment being used by the local fire bureau consist of the following: 4 fire engines, 2 emergency transport vehicles, and 1 service vehicle. Chin Po Tong has 2 pumper tankers and 1 super tanker. Naga White, meanwhile, has 2 fire trucks.

Volume of fire outbreak. In 2009, the local firemen responded to 8 fire incidents within the city compared to 2008 incidence of 26 outbreaks.

Fire incidents in the city are commonly attributed to overloading of electrical circuits.

Incidence of Crime

Total crime volume in 2009 was 963, down from 2008′s 1,542. According to the 2009 Annual Comparative Report of the Naga City Police Station, the average crime rate has decreased to 50.3 percent.

Incidence of Fire

According to BOFP’s 2009 report, structural fire incidents decreased by 69.23 percent. However, the estimated damages amounted to Php 379,320 worth of properties which is significantly higher by 99.48 percent than of 2008. This is due to the conflagration at the Naga City Public Market in 2009 which displaced a total of 331 stallholders.

Jail Management and Penology

The award-winning Naga City District Jail located at barangay Del Rosario houses all inmates of MTC and RTC and detainees/prisoners of the third and fourth districts of the province.

As of 2009, there are 263 inmates at the NCDJ, 25 of which are females and 2 are juvenile delinquents. 37 were transferred to Muntinlupa while 20 were convicted.

To date, only one vehicle is serviceable at NCDJ.

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