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Organization and Management

Existing Local Government and Administration

Organization and Management. For more than 60 years after it was created a charter city, the Naga City Government has evolved an organizational structure that departs significantly from what was originally provided for under its charter, R.A. 305. The enactment of R.A. 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991, greatly accelerated this on-going organizational development into what the city government bureaucracy is today.

Departments. The Code, which mandated the devolution of certain national government functions, authority and responsibility, together with their corresponding personnel complement, brought the number of departments/offices of the local bureaucracy into 30. These are presented hereunder.

Office of the City Mayor Provides staff support to the City Mayor in the exercise of his over-all leadership in political, social and economic activities of the city.
Lingkod Barangay Office Provides specialized services to the barangays of Naga; performs coordinative functions in their behalf.
Tanggapan ng Sangguniang Panlungsod Prepares and issues certified true copies of ordinances, resolutions, memoranda and notices of Sanggunian committee and public hearings, legislative service.
City Planning and Development Office Formulates integrated economic, social, physical and other development programs and projects for consideration and approval of the City Mayor and the Sangguniang Panlungsod.
City Civil Registrar Maintains and updates records of births, deaths, marriages and status of persons in the city; issues corresponding certifications.
General Services Department Act as custodian of all city properties and assets, procures supplies, materials and equipment for various offices; maintains cleanliness of public plazas, cemeteries and other public places; promotes cleanliness and beautification; provides manpower support during special activities of the city government.
City Budget Office Presides over local government budget administration, including annual budget preparation of the city government; reviews barangay budgets.
City Accountant’s Office Performs accounting and internal audit services function of all revenues, receipts and disbursement of the city government and its 27 barangays, including the installation and maintenance of a local internal audit system.
City Treasurer’s Office Collects local and national taxes, including local as well as judiciary funds and its disbursement
City Assessor’s Office Maintains a systematic and updated record of real properties; undertakes continuing general revision of property assessment.
Electronic Data Processing Unit Takes charge of computerization of various city government offices and functions; operates and maintains local geographic information system (GIS).
Raul S. Roco Library (Naga City Public Library) Provides library services, including selection, acquisition and organization of library materials; and assistance to library users.
City Legal Office Provides legal advise, assistance and support to the City Mayor; represents the city in all legal suits where it is a party; renders opinion on any question of law.
Bicol Science and Technology Centrum Promotes Science and Technology consciousness; provides access and opportunity for the public to understand and appreciate the application of Science and Technology in their daily lives.
City Health Office Provides medical, dental and nursing services; promotes environmental sanitation and enforces health and sanitation standards.
Naga City Hospital Provides primary hospital services, including medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, nursing and auxiliary services
Urban Poor Affairs Office Provides on-site, off-site and auxiliary services to the urban poor sector of Naga.
City Social Welfare and Development Office Promotes social development through livelihood creation; care, protection and rehabilitation of persons with disability; provision of assistance to disaster victims in times of calamities; and capability-building of women, children and youth.
City Nutrition and Population Office Promotes rehabilitation of malnourished children through supplemental feeding and nutritional care; provides family planning services among married couples and other target groups.
City Agriculturist Office Prepares and implements an integrated agriculture development plan for the city; promotes appropriate agriculture technology to maximize utilization and production of agricultural areas.
City Engineer’s Office Performs engineering and surveying functions, including construction, repair and maintenance of public infrastructure in the city.
Market and Slaughterhouse Division, CTO Operates and manages the two economic enterprises of the city government.
Metro-PESO Serves as the livelihood arm of the city government; provides job placement services; promotes cooperative and manpower development.
City Human Resource Management Office Establishes a sound recruitment and personnel selection system within the city government; assists and advises city officials in the development, formulation and execution of policies, rules, and regulations in all areas of personnel management in accordance with Civil Service Law and rules; provides inputs in the development and implementation of human resource training and development programs; maintains a complete and up-to-date personnel information system.
Environment and Natural Resources Office Protects and manages the proper utilization of the city’s environment and natural resources; pursues with vigor sustainable programs and projects directly related to environment and ecosystems such as solid waste management, air and water pollution and watershed protection.
City Veterinary Office Recommend matters related to veterinary services which will increase the number and improve the quality of livestock, poultry and other domestic animals used for work and human consumption.
Public Safety Office Responsible for coordinating the programs, activities and for functions and services not presently performed or not adequately performed by existing units, offices and organizations in Naga City involved in public safety.
Naga City Abattoir Sees to it that all animals and the meat thereof for sale at the Public Market was slaughtered in the City Abattoir and properly examines by a Veterinarian/Meat Inspector before and after the slaughtering of such animals.
Investment Promotions and Action Center signals a shift to active and focused investment promotion channeling each type of investment to those areas of the city where it will best contribute to urban growth and social equity.
Naga City Visitor’s Center Provides assistance and relevant information needed by investors, visitors, researchers, students , LGUs and other individuals who flocked to Naga to learn about the city’s innovations and programs.

The city had only 15 departments/offices in 1978. It totaled to 25 in 1999. Heads of this departments/offices are with permanent status.

To address other priority concerns of the city government, the following quasi-government bodies were also created to take the lead role in coordinating delivery of sector-specific services by national and local government agencies:

Naga City Senior Citizens Federation tasked to promote the general welfare and well-being of city residents 60 years old and above
Council for the Welfare of Children tasked to coordinate the formulation, implementation, and enforcement of all policies, programs and projects relative to the survival, development and protection of children
Council for the Welfare of the Disabled body assigned on all matters pertaining to the prevention of the causes of disability, rehabilitation and equalization of opportunities for persons with disability.
Naga City Investment Board The Naga City Investment Board, and its implementing arm, the Naga City Investment Promotions and Action Center, have been created to attract and channel specific types of private investments in specific areas of the city. This departs from past practices wherein investment promotion is haphazard and shotgun type responding only when an investor is already in the city and preparing the area preferred by the investor.
Urban Development and Housing Board Tasked to recommend to the city government a continuing inventory and identification of lands for socialized housing and as resettlement areas for the immediate and future needs of the urban poor, underprivileged and homeless in the urban areas. This board represents the city government in coordinating with the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board and the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council in formulating a National Urban Development and Housing Framework, as mandated by Republic Act No. 7279.
Project Monitoring Committee (PMC) The PMC’s scope of monitoring includes projects implemented and funded from foreign, national and local government funds.
Naga City Council for Women tasked to coordinate the formulation, implementation, and enforcement of all policies, programs and projects relative to the survival, development and protection of women

Special Bodies

A number of Special Bodies, which are tasked to formulate policy recommendations for the guidance of the Sanggunian, were also set up in Naga City in compliance with the mandates of the Local Government Code

City Development Council Formulates a comprehensive multi-sectoral development plan and public investment program for the city to be submitted to the Sanggunian Panlungsod City Mayor
Representative of the Congressman
SP Committee Chairman on Appropriations
27 Barangay Captains
25% of Active NGOs
Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) Has jurisdiction over all projects funded from national and local government including all infrastructure projects City Administrator
Budget Office
Legal Office
Engineering Office
General Services Office
Metro PESO
Local Health Board Prepares annual budget for the operation and maintenance of health facilities and services; serves as advisory committee to the SP on health matters City Mayor
City Health Officer
Chairman, SP Committee on Health
NGO Representative
DOH Representative
City School Board Determines the annual supplementary budgetary needs of local schools within the city; administers the special education fund to upgrade educational standards of public schools City Mayor
City Schools Superintendent
City Treasurer
Representative of local PTA
Representative of Teacher’s Association
Representative of Non-academic personnel of Naga City public schools
SP Committee Chairman on Education
SP Committee Chairman on Youth
People’s Law Enforcement Board (PLEB) Has jurisdiction to hear and decide people’s complaints or cases filed before it against erring officers and members of the PNP. Member of Sangguniang Panlungsod
Barangay Captain chosen by the ABC
Three members selected by the POC (one of which is a member of the Bar)
City Peace and Order Council Formulates plans and recommends measures to improve peace and order condition in the city; monitors peace and order programs and projects, counter-insurgency programs and activities of civilian volunteer organizations City Mayor
City Vice-Mayor
DILG Representative
City PNP Prosecutor
Representative from the Judiciary
Public Information Agency
NBI, BJMP, City Fire Marshall
Rep of the Local Bankers Ass’n.
Rep of the Religious Sector
Rep of the Youth Sector
Representative of the NCPC
Chair, SP Com on Pub Safety
SP Representative
Rep. from the Civic/Prof Sector
Rep. from the Business Sectoral
Local Finance Committee Determines the income reasonably projected as collectible for the ensuing fiscal year, recommend appropriate tax measures to support the budget City Treasurer
City Budget Officer
City Plan & Devt. Coordinator
City Accountant
City Assessor


The Human Resources Management Office supervises, together with the Personnel Selection Board, the conduct of personnel recruitment and interviews, management, employee relations and skills upgrading. The institutionalization of the award-winning Productivity Improvement Program has enhanced the professionalism and quality service especially of the City Hall’s frontline services. As of December 2009, the city government has 988 employees .

Outstanding Accomplishment

The first city in the country to institutionalize people participation and sectoral representation in the creation of local policies and laws with the enactment of the Empowerment Ordinance in 1996.

Naga’s innovative practices and programs have made it a pioneer of good governance, transparency, and accountability. Building on the successes of the city’s thinkers and leaders, the city government continues to uphold the principles of people participation in governance.

The i-Goverance Program empowers ordinary citizens and encourages them to participate in government policy-making.

Naga’s Citizens Charter now serves as a guide for local governments nationwide in improving the delivery of key government services.

Naga is one of the most awarded cities in the Philippines. International and national organizations and award-giving bodies have recognized Naga as one f the best cities in Asia as well.

Hundreds of “Lakbay-aral” delegated from different local governments flock to Naga monthly to learn about Naga’s innvations. Toward this end, it established the Naga City Governance Institute (NCGI) as a local think tank that will promote scaling up of these innovations and good practices.