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The waterworks system run by MNWD supplies much of Naga City and its four neighboring towns of Canaman, Camaligan, Gainza and Magarao. Its main source of water comes from 3 springs located in Pili, Camarines Sur—the Anayan, Kalinisan and Rumangrap springs—and 21 deep well pumping stations located in Almeda, Canaman, Capilihan, Cararayan, Carangcang, Carolina, Del Rosario, Magdalena, Pacol, Panicuason, Prieto, San Agustin, San Felipe, San Isidro, Sta. Lucia and Villa Sorabella.

The MNWD water system has a total of 32,769 active connections with an average monthly increase of 153.25 new connections every month. The average daily consumption of residential, commercial and government users are 24.51, 54.55 and 110.62 cu. m. respectively. On the other hand, systems loss mainly due to pilferage and illegal connections, is estimated at 24.42% of the daily production.

The 24-hour capacity of the two springs located in Pili, Camarines Sur is measured at 145 lps for the Rumangrap Spring, 58 lps for Anayan Spring and 15 lps for the Kalinisan Spring.

On the other hand, the city government’s own Task Force Tubig (TFT), installs Levels I and II water system in key areas of the city.

A recent study by CARE, Philippines however has revised concerns about the over-extraction of ground water resources in Naga, threatening the long-term sustainability of this precious resource.