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Bayantel and DIGITEL are the two major telecommunication companies that provide basic and advanced telecommunication services in the city. Their combined subscriber base of almost 11,500 subscribers has pushed the city’s fixed line telephone density to one for every three households.

The entry of the wireless telecommunication companies led by Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular has accelerated growth of the local telecommunication industry. Per research survey conducted by the Ateneo Social Research Center (ASSRC) last 2007, Naguenos have had greater access to cellular phones than landline. On the average, Nagueño households have around two or more mobile phones each.


Computer linkages and network through the internet have connected the city to the worldwide web. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offering broadband services include Smart, Globe, Bayantel, DIGITEL, Sun Cellular, Sky Cable and Caceres Cable. Cybercafes offering internet services and games has also been mushrooming in the city contributing to greater access by Naguenos and visitors.

Some commercial establishments even offer free wi-fi internet connections for their customers and clients as an added come-on.

Mass Media

Broadcast media in Naga has continued to grow in a span of a decade. These are mainly provided by 20 AM and FM radio stations, and three local television stations, ABS-CBN TV 11, PTV-8 and PBN-5. Also, two cable TV companies, Skycable and Caceres Cable provide up-to-date news, relevant information and entertainment to Nagueños.

National dailies and local weekly newspapers are also available in Naga.

Postal services in the city are provided by the Philippine Postal Corporation (Phil-Post) whose 42 staff and personnel handle a monthly average of 42,560 out-going and 742 in-coming mails and packages, and 2,000 printed matters (foreign and domestic). Complementing this is a mailing station located at E-Mall along Penafrancia Avenue. Meanwhile, seven messengerial offices are available in Naga, namely, JRS Express, LBC Air Cargo, DHL, Daily Overland Express, FedEx Cargo and Aboitiz Air Cargo.

Recently, the advent of internet-based technology, like Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, and other social networking sites have affected these traditional services.