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10 Little Things a Nagueño Should do
By John G. Bongat
Inspired by Atty. Alex Lacson

1. I think positive and say positive things about Naga.
2. I keep my surroundings clean and green.
3. I respect the elderly and my fellowmen at all times.

The GrEET program aims to
- improve airshed quality
- mitigate carbon emission as pili tree exhibit a high carbon absorption rate
- provide sustainable source of raw materials for the pili processing industry
- enhance OTOP program for tourist and contributes to beautification efforts.

Mayor John G. Bongat encourages all Nagueños to develop in their heart and mind a culture of cleanliness (Kalinigan), peace (Katoninongan), and order (Disiplina).

These, he believes, are the essential elements towards the attainment of a more liveable community.
HELP your CiTy, is a call for stronger citizen participation in governance and development.

The program defines the priority areas of the new city administration in partnership with the community's stakeholders as the city leadership calls for a compassionate yet decisive leadership, marked by a strong political will and a clear vision.

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Pilgrimage City

For over 300 years, Naga has been the center of the biggest Marian devotion in this part of the country. It had also been the seat of episcopacy that covered not only Bicol but other parts of Southern Tagalog, as well.
Third Oldest Royal City in the Philippines

Established in 1575 on order of Spanish Governor-General Francisco de Sande, the city, then named Ciudad de Caceres, earned its esteemed status as the third Spanish royal city in the Philippine islands, after Cebu and Manila.
Most Awarded LGU

Naga City has so far received over 150 regional, national and international awards and distinctions since 1988 when it started to build a reputation for being a model local government unit which crafted and implemented innovations in local governance. And the counting continues...
Center of Trade & Commerce in Bicol

Strategically located in the heart of the Bicol peninsula, Naga City accounts for Bicol's MOST number of business establishments, even as it is favored by the country's largest companies to be the center of their regional operations in this part of South Luzon.
Bicol's Educational Center

Naga City is host to the country's first and oldest normal school for girls, the first private university in Luzon outside Metro Manila, and the only Jesuit school in Bicol and Southern Luzon. These institutions have produced some of the country's famous and foremost leaders.
Cradle of Arts & Culture

Dating back to pre-colonial period, this riverine village that eventually became a Spanish city is world-renown for its long tradition of rich cultural heritage. Its quaint charm and the people's love affair with its glorious past are always there to ensure the city's bright future.
Most Livable City

An international news magazine has singled out Naga as one of the most improved cities in Asia because of its trailblazing programs that work to ensure a livable and forward-looking environment and strengthen other traditional indicators that make life easier for its citizens.
Center of Good Governance

Known for its participatory mechanisms, the city government makes sure that in addressing its goals, the entire community becomes stakeholders and that transparency and accountability are promoted to ensure a clean and innovating local government.